My Tips To Give Your Home A More Distinct Atmosphere

Personality is the key to making a house a home. If your property feels boring, then injecting a little excitement is probably high on your list of priorities.

Upgrading the home is an important life process, but making yours stand out from the crowd can feel a little daunting. With these simple tips, though, your house will feel like a home designed to your tastes in no time at all.



Light Touches

Light plays an integral part of setting a room’s atmosphere, but many homeowners let this key element go unnoticed. However, light can be your secret weapon to upgrading the property.

Encouraging natural light will make a room feel bigger, which will improve your relationship with the space. However, light from electrical appliances is equally important. A standard bulb might provide sufficient lighting. But there are hundreds of alternative options that can help create a unique feel.

Spotlights in varying colour temperatures are a great way to give the home more charm. Meanwhile, touch lamps with multiple brightness settings also help add character to a room. It’s a simple aspect that many of us take for granted, but your lighting solutions can make an epic difference. Embrace it.

Character Defining Features

Many homeowners cover up their fireplaces and stone walls. However, these features can be used to create stunningly unique designs that will set the home aside from any other.

If you don’t have these room defining items already, you can always invest in them. The kitchen is a wonderful place to stamp a little personality, especially as it’s quite a versatile room. Meanwhile, you can also add water features to the garden to add an extra energy to the outdoor space.

Building a room around a main feature might sound daunting. In reality, though, it helps keep you focused and makes the interior design process easier. Better still, the end results will give you the unique flavour you crave.




Windows are your opening to the outside world, but they aren’t just a way to let in natural light. They can become a key feature of your home design.

For example, sliding doors can give your living room or kitchen a huge sense of luxury. It almost feels like you’ve invited the garden space into your home. Meanwhile, an etched glass window film serves as a fantastic piece of decoration while also giving you an added sense of privacy.

This is a huge window of opportunity to help gain the distinguished appearance. Don’t underestimate its rewards.


Without furniture, the room is just a blank shell. These items are the key to stamping your family’s character on the property. You should take careful consideration when selecting your options.

Different materials can carry varying auras. Wood furniture will provide a contrasting flavour than metal, for example, even if they are placed in the same space. Understanding how to set the tone you desire is a must.

As well as style, you will also want comfort. Get these two aspects right and your furniture can help give your house the distinguished charm that will make it a home.

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