A Rundown of The Many Projects You Can Complete With A Pressure Washer

If you don’t own a pressure washer yet, you’re missing out on just how many things you can do with it. A piece of kit like this can make your life so much easier, as it can perform an abundance of tasks that make your home and anything else you own look incredible. You might even be surprised to learn of some of the things it can do. Read on for a rundown of the projects and some valuable tips you’ll be able to make use of:

Spray Your Garage

Spray over your garage door every so often to get rid of anything the birds have left for you, any mud from vehicles, or anything else that seems to make it look dirty. The garage can easily be neglected, so take a look at yours and see if it could do with a once over.

Clean The Brickwork

Clean the brickwork on and around your home to get rid of nests, grass, weeds, and anything else that is making your home look less than perfect. Really make sure you get into the cracks of the bricks to make things as clean as possible. If there are any nests or anything in the brickwork, make sure you don’t depend on the washer alone. It could be a good idea to use weed killer, ant killer, or something else alongside the washer to get the best results from it.



Get Rid Of Spiders and Wasps

Spiders and wasps can be a pain, especially when they set up camp around your home. You don’t

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want spiders all over the place, and you certainly don’t want wasps ready to attack whenever you crack a window. You can use your pressure washer to get rid of any nests they’ve set up. Just make sure you do the job properly and take extra safety precautions, as you don’t want to anger any particularly nasty wasps. You might also want to use a chemical solution or make one of your own to keep them at bay. This will ensure your home is free from many insects so you can relax. You can use things like hot water, vinegar, baking soda, and other natural ingredients to get the result you want. Just make sure you read instructions thoroughly so you don’t make a mess of it or hurt yourself in the process.

Cleaning Off Your Barbecue

Having a barbecue is a must for the summer months, so give it a once over with your pressure washer and it’ll be shiny and new ready for any garden parties you have. Nobody likes a barbecue covered with old food crust and things from the year before. The pressure washer is a really simple way to make sure everything looks its best.

Making Your Driveway Look New

You want your driveway to look nice and new, especially if you have guests over a lot or plan on selling any time soon. Use the washer to get in between the cracks and make it look new again. You’ll be surprised at the color your slabs go after you’ve given them a good clean with the washer.

Making Decking Look New

Decking can get dirty quickly, but with a pressure washer you can make it look new again. Make sure you do this in time for summer to really make the most of having your nearest and dearest over. It’ll stop mud from caking up too much and really make a difference to your outdoor area.



Clean Any Vehicle, Bike, Or Boat You Own

If you have a car, van, bike, or boat, you can easily use your pressure washer to wash them off and make them look brand new again. It shouldn’t take you too long to do, and everything will look so clean – you can see your face in it! If this sounds good to you, sites such as thetoolboss.com could be just what you need for making everything look brand spanking new. Make sure you use the right products alongside your pressure washer to make your vehicle extra shiny. You can get a better result than you’d get anywhere else if you spend a bit of time learning the right products to use.

Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Clean off your outdoor furniture ready for the summer festivities. However, only do this ss long as it’s waterproof and can withstand the power of the spray! If not, then you might want to avoid it. To be sure, read the labels attached.

Wash Out Your Bin

Bins can get really dirty and smelly, as well as attract things like maggots and rodents. By keeping your bins as clean as possible with the pressure washer, you’ll make sure you attract as little of these as possible. Bins can get pretty disgusting with everything we put in them, so make sure yours is clean by using your pressure washer and a good smelling bleach or something.

Tips On Getting Your Washer

So, now you know everything you can use your washer for, you want to make sure you buy the right one. Here are some tips on doing that and making sure you use it properly:

  • Do plenty of research and read reviews on washers to find the right one for you.
  • Make sure you know what attachments and nozzles the washer comes with, and what they are best used for.
  • When using your washer, make sure you keep it moving so that the power of the water doesn’t damage paint or any items you wash.
  • It’s a good idea to wash from the bottom up, and then rinse from the top down. This will ensure the cleanest, most shiniest finish.

All homes need a pressure washer to keep their curb appeal looking good, as well as everything hygienic and smelling fresh. It’ll help you to get just about any job done so quickly, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it! Leave your own tips and ideas below if you know anything about pressure washers. Thanks for reading!

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