5 Steps To A Perfect Smile

Have you ever looked back through your photos and cringed? What is that weird expression you’re doing with your face? Why does your grin look so scary? More importantly, how do celebs manage to nail their photo perfect smile every time? While the rest of us have to make do with awkward photos and cheesy smiles. Well, the trade secrets aren’t so difficult to learn. In fact, we’ll teach you the basics today. That way, you’ll never take an embarrassing photo again. Want to know the five steps to a perfect smile? Keep reading.


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  1. Oral health

Before you do anything, take the time to improve your dental hygiene. Clean, white teeth are much more photogenic and it will make your smile shine. More importantly, you’ll feel confident to unleash your pearly whites with pride. Ask yourself when was the last time you went to the dentist? Visit www.dentalgreeley.com and book your next dental appointment quickly. Remember, appearance isn’t everything. Dental health is also vital to your overall well being.

  1. Don’t forget your gums

We advise a regular dental health regime that focuses on your teeth. It should include brushing twice daily, flossing, and using mouthwash. However, you should also take steps to improve the health of your gums. Healthy gums will keep your mouth in good condition. It will also give you a more natural smile and a more photogenic look.

  1. Makeup and lipstick

Ladies, if you want the perfect smile, there are plenty of makeup tricks to utilise. You’re looking for a lipstick colour that complements your skin tone. Choose correctly and your teeth will appear white. Cosmetic experts suggest that reds will give you a whiter teeth perception. On the other hand, browner colours will make teeth look yellow and dull. Try to stick to cherry red, pinks, and plum colours. Avoid anything too deep or dark. Your foundation is also important here. Take the time to match it to your natural skin tone.

  1. Be natural

You can spot an unnatural smile from a mile away. The best photos are the ones filled with natural grins, real giggles, and genuine smiles. It’s tough to make a smile appear natural when a camera is forced in your face, but there are a few tricks. One that most celebs swear by is to recall a happy moment. Try to forget the camera and bring a funny memory to mind. It should naturally draw a perfect smile across your face just in time for the flash of the camera. It’s the perfect way to get your entire look bang on point.

  1. Practice

Finally, don’t forget to practice! It might sound like silly advice, but trust us, everyone else is doing it. Spend some time in front of the mirror experimenting with your smile. Take note of what muscle movements make the best reaction and which smile is more natural. Find the right smile and learn how to execute it perfectly. Eventually, it will become natural, and you’ll do it without thinking.

There you have it, folks! That’s our five step guide to the perfect smile. Follow it to the letter and you’ll never take another embarrassing photo again!

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