Motivated To Get Fit And Healthy? Here’s How To Do It

So you’ve reached that moment in your life where motivation is high, determination is strong and your will to be as healthy and fit as you can be dominates everything you do in life. Now is the time to harness that positive mental attitude. Make those last few ever-lasting changes to your life to secure your fitness, agility and full body health through to old age. It truly is never too late to start, but there certainly are some essentials you need to fit into your fitness week every week. We give you the ultimate to-do list of health and fitness:

Drink water – Sounds easy right? Wrong. As we get older, we become less inclined to make those trips to the bathroom and less happy with our ability to hold it. It is essential that we go as often as we can. If you do not hydrate, you may even be in danger of developing dementia. Water is so important. It helps keep your skin looking as young as it can too. It aids digestion and facilitates easier bathroom habits too! Eight cups a day please, especially if you are doing a workout.

Walk – Sounds easy right? Wrong again. We have dozens of reasons for staying indoors instead of taking a two to three mile stroll each day. The cold gets in your bones. You’ve just done your hair. Your trouser cuffs will get mucky. No more excuses. Break it up into two or three shorter walks but get a good forty-five minutes in. Walking to work is a great idea.


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Yoga – If you are a guy you may be forgiven for not wanting to try Yoga. Women (and no this is not sexist) are naturally able to bend in various ways easier than men can. Men, however, have the power and strength to be excellent at the strong poses. Both men and women of all ages should benefit from Yoga once or twice a week to reduce stress, maintain suppleness, increase stamina and focus the mind.

Sauna – Yes, sitting still in a hot room is a good idea. You only need to be there for a few minutes, so it is the quickest detox you can get. Release the toxins from your skin then take a lovely cool shower. There are lots of different types of sauna or steam room, and you can find some sunlighten sauna reviews online to give you an idea if buying one is right for you.

Aerobic exercise – This could be an aerobics class, a game of basketball, a jog or even cycling. Whatever takes your fancy that sets your heart pumping is good. And yes, sex counts. Five times a week of working up a sweat may be a bit much to keep up during a busy working week, but make the effort to fit it in somewhere.

Weight training – This needn’t be done in a gym. Just some light hand weights twice a week can help strengthen all of the muscles in the arms. Ankle weights while you walk help increase strength in the legs. Squats use your own weight to refine the muscles in your thighs and buttocks.

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