Why Fitness ??!!

Some people asking why others are active and fit ? is it just to get your body in shape ?

it is not just that but more such as :

-Improves blood flow
-Builds muscle and decreases fat
-Helps to control appetite
-Lowers stress
-Increases energy and strength

Lifelong Commitment
Making permanent changes in your eating habits and exercising daily can be difficult. Therefore, it is best to start slowly and set weekly or daily goals. Weight gain does not occur in a day, so remember that losing weight will take time, too.

The key to success is setting goals that you are capable of reaching. It may help to record your daily servings from each food group and your daily physical activity to see what you have accomplished.

If you get off track by overeating or not exercising, do not give up! Think about what made you eat more or not exercise and what you can do differently. Slip-ups happen, so put them behind you and continue to work toward your goal.

Pledge to make choices that are best for your heart. If you create a well-balanced eating plan, lower the amount of salt in your diet, take 30 minutes each day for a physical activity and maintain a healthy weight, you can lower your blood pressure. Protect yourself from negative, long-term health problems like kidney and heart failure, by controlling your blood pressure and DASH to good health!

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