Ladies, Be motivated

We all know that ladies are clumsy and lazy, so motivation is so important to be fit and love your lives, but
One of the most difficult steps in achieving fitness is staying motivated. The problem with staying motivated is our general interest in what we are doing, if the activity is fun, we look forward to it; if it is boring we tend to lose interest very quickly. Below are some tips to help you get motivated and stay focused on your goal of fitness.

Set your mind to the task. Being out of shape or overweight doesn’t mean you can’t get back to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Tell yourself, you can do it, and maintain a positive attitude.

Using the buddy system is a great way to keep each other motivated. If this is not possible, join an online fitness site. There are many out there that offer online support for fitness, as well as calorie counting. Most include nutritional experts to answer any questions or provide support.

Start out with small goals. If you are new to fitness, start out with a goal to walk one mile each day and gradually increase as you become stronger. Use some type of iPod with upbeat music when you walk or run. If you are using an at home DVD for walking or other exercises, always have a variety. Doing the same routine every day can lead to boredom and eventually you will lose interest in the activity.

Make the time. We all say we don’t have time to walk or exercise, but if you closely at your schedule you can make the time. When you drop the kids off at an activity, use this time to run or walk while waiting to pick them up. After dinner, go for a walk or run, you can record what’s on TV to watch later.

Purchase workout clothes. Choose something flattering that makes you feel good about yourself. The right workout clothes can completely change your mood and motivate you.

Staying motivated is the key to any fitness program, and along with following these tips will get you on the right road to a fit and trim body in no time.

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