Which Rainy Day Tasks Do You Have On Your To Do List This Weekend?

Do you ever feel like the weekend has zoomed by, and you’ve not achieved a thing? Those of us that work hard all week need a rest at the weekend. Of course, the weekend is the also the best time to complete all those rainy day tasks. Planning can help motivate you to get it done. You might surprise yourself and find it is much quicker and easier to do than you thought too!

Organizing all the contractors and tradespeople to tend to your home appliances is one of the things that can be put off for too long. If you’re not sure when you last had your air-conditioning, boiler, gas appliances or cars serviced, why not pull out all the paperwork this weekend?


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You can create a folder with sections for each item that needs maintenance work. Add the names of your preferred tradespeople and their contact details. Don’t forget to pop in the dates, and set a reminder on your phone! You’ll finally get around to repairing your heater, replacing your brake pads, and all the other tasks that really can’t wait any longer.

Cleaning is one of those things few of us wants to do on the weekend. Unfortunately, there are rarely any better opportunities to get around to it! Still, you can have some fun with it and even encourage the kids to get involved.


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Washing the drapes and voiles is one of those tasks we tend not to take on very often. This weekend hop on your step ladder and take them off their rails. The kids can count the hanging loops and help you to fold the drapes up for ironing later on. Perhaps one of them would like to clear the rails of cobwebs with a feather duster?

There are always plenty of other things you might have to clean around the home. If your kids are bored but keen to help, why not spend this weekend organizing a chore roster? This can be a fun and grown-up way for the kids to earn their pocket money. It helps the learn a few key life skills as well as the importance of contributing to the family tasks. Try not to allocate any tasks that take longer than fifteen minutes. For the littlest ones, keep it down to just five minutes.

Do you have a cupboard that threatens to spill out all over you each time you open the door? Maybe it’s a whole room like the loft or the basement? You know it needs to be done, so why not tackle it this weekend? You could do it in four stages over four weekends, so it doesn’t gobble up all your spare time in one go. Start by pulling everything out and sorting it into three piles. These piles might be trash, recycling, and keep.

Once everything is recycled, you need to create clever storage solutions for the things you want to keep. Finally, pop everything away so it can be used without fear of it falling out on top of you! Have a productive weekend.

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