What Your Favorite Room In Your House Says About You



Moving into a new house is a beautiful process, it’s a time to reassess your identity in a myriad of ways, be that through decors, furnishings or plainly where you plan to spend the most time. Different people enjoy different areas of the house though, and that’s where you can get an interesting grasp of what personality you have.

The following list goes into what your favourite room in the house says about you.


You are a homemaker. You enjoy providing for people and making them feel welcome. You’re experimental, and enjoy creating new things. You’re more likely to experiment with new dishes, events or travel destinations. You’re more likely to bring guests over. You’re a social animal who enjoys being at the heart of the laughter. You’re the person who has photographs of all your memories strewn around the place and featured on the walls.

You’re romantic, but you’re not reckless. You’re smart, able and willing to make the most of the things around you. You have down times, but you rise back twice as strong. You’re the person people want around, and the person people will travel to see. You’re the person who’d happily help design a whole kitchen space with a company like Complete Kitchens. www.complete-kitchens.com.au


You’re a relaxed person, and prefer the company of one or two instead of a whole group. You enjoy peace and quiet, gentle introspection, and to observe. You’re the person who’s dependable, loyal and willing to sacrifice for people you love. You’re the person who takes thoughtful and considerate gifts to birthdays, and the person who deeply appreciates any love people show you.

You’re a keeper, and wear your heart on your sleeve. You’re a loving, kind and gentle person who, while strong, is more willing to find the good in a situation rather than stagnate and feel terrible about past regrets. You’re the person people want to find more about because while you’re not terribly loud, you’re genuinely interesting.


You enjoy ‘me time.’ You prefer to do things alone because you know you’re able. You have attention to detail, and you’re good at grooming yourself. You scrub up well. You care about how you look, how you smell, and how you feel. You have self-respect, but respect others too. You want to come across well to others so you make sure you listen to what they have to say. You remember people’s name when they tell you. You’re the person people look up to.

Living Room

You’re chill to be around. You’re a good person. You’re similar to the person who enjoys the kitchen, but you prefer to listen to others rather than be the life of the party. You enjoy entertainment and like to be amused. You’re a person with a natural wanderlust, and have yearnings for adventure.

You enjoy all of the finer things in life and have a better understanding of how to appreciate them than most others. You want to work to live, not live to work. You’re the person people want to associate with because you’ll genuinely stimulate them with an interesting conversation that leaves them feeling that little bit saner.

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