These Important Things Are Easy To Forget When Moving House!


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Physically moving your life from one place to another is no mean feat. It’s only when you come to move that you realise just how much stuff you actually own, and transporting it from A to B is seriously impractical. Not only this but you also have to find another place that’s within budget and in the right area to move into- there’s a lot of thought and planning that goes into the whole process! For this reason, it’s easy for important jobs to get overlooked. Here are three of them that you don’t want to forget.

Get a Home Inspection Done

Many people consider a home inspection to be something they have done on a property they’re buying, not one that they’re selling. However getting a real estate inspection done when your home goes on the market is a smart move. Any doubts or worries that potential buyers have can be put to rest, it gives them reassurance and peace of mind and could get your property sold and out of your hair far more quickly.

Move Your Information Over To The New Address

With all of the stress and chaos of moving, don’t forget to switch all of your important documents over to the new address. Some companies will require you to have actually moved before doing this, but others will allow you to do it in advance meaning you can get a big bulk of this tedious task out of the way before you get to the new property. Chances are you’ll remember the main bills such as your gas, electric and water but there are a tonne of other documents to work through too. If you’re moving out of the area, will you need to register at a new doctor and dentist? There are various documents for cars and other vehicles that need to be changed over, plus you’ll need to let schools, colleges or workplaces know your new address. Things like Paypal, eBay or any other shopping sites you order from regularly all need to be sorted too. Your best bet is to write a list of everything that needs to be changed over, and tick each item off as it’s done. That way nothing gets overlooked.

Book a Professional Cleaning

Moving out is messy work. Dragging out appliances and furniture that’s not been moved in years, boxes of stuff being traipsed out of the house and generally just stuff everywhere. Once everything is out and the property is empty, chances are it’s not looking very clean. Since you’ll be busy sorting stuff at your new house, why not save yourself the hassle of going back to clean and booking a company to come in and do it instead. That way you can ensure the carpets and floors are up to scratch (no muddy footprints from the movers or bits everywhere) and the bathroom and kitchen is cleaned to a really good standard ready for the next owners.

What jobs do you think are particularly easy to overlook when you’re moving house?

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