The Cure For A Half-Done Home

Every few years, we reach the stage where our homes need freshening. It’s like with anything; the desire for change comes upon us all. But, when we make the changes we think necessary, we often focus on our favorite rooms. It makes sense, of course. We should put more thought into the rooms we use the most. But, in some ways, this equates to doing half a job. It means some spaces get an update every few years, while others haven’t seen a lick of paint for much longer. The niggling knowledge that there are outdated spaces can lead to dissatisfaction. So, solve the problem by getting to the jobs you never consider. Here are a few worth thinking about.


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Spare rooms are awkward. Unless you have a buzzing social life, your spare room rarely sees the light of day. So, it’s no surprise we often forget to update them. In many ways, we forget they’re there. They are dead space in your home. But, there’s no room for dead space in most houses. So, it’s time to freshen the place. You may want to give it a lick of paint. Heck, even opening the windows would help clear those cobwebs. Or, you might want to go to extremes. How about changing the purpose of the room entirely? Of course, this depends on how often you use it. If it’s once a blue moon, you may not need a spare room at all. The chances are, your guests will be happy sleeping on a sofa bed or an air bed. So, think about what other exciting uses the room could have. One thing’s for sure; you won’t let it get outdated once it becomes a part of your everyday life!


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Another area that often goes neglected is our outside space. This is especially true if you rarely get a chance to enjoy it. But, you won’t make an effort to do that if your garden chairs are falling apart and your plants are overgrown. It’s a vicious cycle! Put an end to the problem by tackling those chores. Throw out the old chairs, and stock up on some new pieces, like this Bridgman furniture. Then, wrestle with the weeds. Plant flowers, and make an effort to keep on top of their maintenance. You may not realize it, but your garden is as much a part of your home as your bedroom is!


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This point doesn’t apply to everyone. Some people don’t have an attic, or at least, not one they can use. But, if you do, how often do you give it a little loving? Probably rarely! But, as this is all about those neglected areas, it’s time to get to it. If your attic has become a dumping ground, it’s time to have a clear out. If you can’t get rid of everything, find neat places to put it. Then, you can spruce the space like you should have all along.

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