The 3 Things That Nobody Thinks About Replacing


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Not everything in a house will last forever. No matter how much money you invest in quality, everything has a lifespan. There are buildings from what seems like forever ago that have still maintained their position wherever they were built, but there is no chance that everything within it is completely original; even the pretty old buildings that you see today have had at least a little work done to them to keep them up to scratch. So when thinking about your house and what needs doing, consider how long you’ve had certain things around the house that you wouldn’t otherwise think twice about replacing…


Depending on the type of door that you have leading into your home and as entrances for all of your rooms, there are different life expectancies. If you have a solid wooden front door, these can last you anywhere up to 100 years and beyond – so you probably won’t be around to see the day that they finally bite the dust. Front and back doors are built to withstand a lot, from the outside weather conditions to the knocks and bumps it endures as part of your day-to-day life. The main reasons that you might want to think about replacing your front door is if it’s starting to let in drafts, isn’t safe enough for you (i.e. the locks are coming loose or it’s not shutting property to protect from intrusion) or for aesthetic purposes.


There would be no jobs for windows and doors salesmen if they didn’t need fixing or replacing – the need is constant. UPVC windows will need replacing every 25-30 years due to the gears within them (so the things that help you get the windows open and closed) starting to wear down over time and eventually becoming useless or a hazard to you, Wooden panes last for 60-100 years with extremely good upkeep, but these are also susceptible to things like rot and the fixtures and fittings wearing down. There are a good selection of replacement window brands out there to peruse through and find ones that will suit your style and budget should you be wishing to replace your windows anytime soon. It’s a good job to get them done at the same time as you would get any other external works done in your home, just so you get it all done in one go.


It’s unlikely that you will need to replace whole bricks unless part of your wall falls down or you’re having problems with birds eating away at them. However, there will come a point, especially if you live in an old house, where you will need to repoint the cementing that lies between the bricks. This is a simple repairing of the joints that lie in the brickwork and they can erode away with the weather or simple crumble after a couple of years due to poor cement mixing to start with. Repointing the bricks keeps your house sturdy and strong for a long longer than if they weren’t properly fused.

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