Sparkle Up A Dingy Bathroom With These Simple Tips

Is your bathroom looking old, tired, and dingy? There’s nothing worse than a bathroom that needs a total facelift, but not having the money to spend on an upgrade. And given that the average bathroom refit costs almost $10,000, it’s out of reach for the vast majority of people. However, there are some simple, low-cost ways of adding some serious sparkle to the dingiest of bathrooms. Let’s take a closer look at some of your options.




The single biggest improvement you can make to a dirty looking bathroom is to re-grout your tiles. It can be a time-consuming and backbreaking job, but once you finish, it will be worth all that effort. The grout in between your tiles often develops black patches, discolorations, and they can even develop mold problems, too. SO, scraping all the old grout out and replacing it with a new application will make an instant impact. It’s low-cost, too – unless you have broken tiles there is no need whatsoever to re-tile your entire bathroom when a simple bit of grout will do a great job.

Invest in a new mirror

Still sporting a standard, flat panel mirror in your bathroom? If so, why not swap it out for something a little more interesting. Head to your local antique or thrift store and go for a more dramatic mirror with lots of cool feature and design aspects. Straight away, you will have that little bit of extra bling to help your bathroom sparkle – and it will be a beautiful focal point, too.



Paint your vanity and cupboards

If your current cabinets and vanity are looking a little past their best, get the sandpaper out and start using some elbow grease. Once you have created a little grip, you are free to undercoat and paint your units a color of your choice. Choose a waterproof paint, of course, or think about buying some protective sealant to help your cabinets last a lot longer. Before you finish, buy some new handles and replace the old ones. Your vanity and cabinets should look entirely new by this point – without the enormous cost of buying them brand new!

Seek out new fixtures

Look in the windows of a bathroom store and the prices of a brand new tub and sink are often enough to give you palpitations. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on a new tub if you are prepared to put in a little legwork. First of all, most baths with cracks, chips, and stains are almost always recoverable – they just need to be refinished. So take a look around your local scrap or metal yard – you will be surprised at the quality of baths some people will throw away. A refinish costs a fraction of the price of a new bath and will give you something that looks brand new.

Replace the toilet

An old, dilapidated toilet unit is never pleasant, but again, you don’t need to spend a fortune on replacing it. You can remove it from its fitting and clean it properly – it’s a lot easier than you might think. And, if your toilet is truly beyond repair, you can often pick up for next to nothing from show homes, demonstrations, and shop floor stock.



Invest in a new shower head

There’s no need to replace an entire shower unit if your current one is looking a little worse for wear. In many cases, a quick clean and polish is all you need, and perhaps a new head unit if you are suffering from hard water and limescale. There are plenty of different options out there for you, from power shower units through to a funky light up shower head. If the outer shower frame is looking dingy, why not take it apart and clean it up properly? Again, it’s a simple task, and it’s possible to get most frames looking as good as new with enough are and attention.

Improve your storage options

Part of the biggest issue with small and dingy bathrooms is that they soon fill up with a lot of mess. It makes sense, then, to focus on creating storage areas. There’s no need to spend a fortune – your local thrift store could come in very handy, here – and you could even go down the DIY shelving route if you are feeling brave. Don’t forget, if you are lacking space you can always use the walls – go as high as you can and make use of that vertical space that most people forget about.

DIY wall hangings and accessories

Next, it’s time to inject a little personality into your bathroom. It can make a dull and boring bathroom area look a fantastic and unique place. Think about making some DIY wall hangings or picture frames to hold photos of your family or scenic landscapes. You can create some lovely little items to dot around the place, too, from hanging empty mason jars on the wall and using them for storage, to fixing some floating shelves to store flannels, candles, or plants.



Invest in hydrogenic plants

While we are on the subject of plants, why not find some that are best suited to very moist environments? There are many benefits of bringing hydrogenic plants into the bathroom. Not only do they create a spa-like atmosphere, but they also improve the quality of your air. Some plants are also renowned for their calming qualities, too, making your new bathroom even more relaxing than you thought possible. Try Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, and Fern to get you started – all of them are pretty easy to look after and thrive in damp environments.

Fix your lighting

One final tip that will finish off your bath to perfection – fix your lights! Remove any dated fixtures such as strip lights and invest a small amount of money in something a little more attractive. Fit a dimmer to your main light switch, and you will be able to control the lighting to the nth degree, and hopefully can enjoy a relaxing, low-lit bath for many years to come.

Any ideas to add? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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