Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Kitchen


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Want to revitalise your kitchen but can’t afford a full refurb? There are many ways to spice up your kitchen décor without having to knock down walls and replace cabinets. Here are just a few small adjustments you can make to your kitchen that could give that extra touch of sophistication.

Tap into new ideas

Tap technologies have come on a long way. Pull down taps are one of the more modern trends that allow you to pull the tap down and wash all the grime more easily out of the corners of the sink. If your tap has two level or knobs, you could opt for one smoother handle to get a more delicate balance between hot and cold. And then of course there’s the option of installing a boiling hot water tap. Instead of having to wait and boil a kettle in the morning, a hot water tap can provide boiling hot water straight to your mug (and yes there’s a safety switch to stop kids from accidentally getting their hands on it).  

Install soft-close drawers

Soft close drawers have a soft automatic closing mechanism that can more easily prevent fingers getting trapped as well as feeling smoother. You needn’t buy a new chest of kitchen drawers, all you need is new kitchen drawer runners. Other easy customisations to your cabinets could be new drawer pulls and cupboard handles.


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Get creative with countertops

There are all kinds of countertop materials that bring your kitchen to life. Many modern materials are so resistant against cuts, you needn’t have a chopping board. Popular countertop materials of the moment are stoney materials such as granite, marble, soapstone and quartz – although these can be pricey. Laminated wood can be good for lighter and more rustic feel. Those wanting to go green meanwhile can opt for a recycled paper product known as paperstone. You can even make your worktops out of decorative concrete.

Lighten up the mood

Lights have a big effect on the mood of the kitchen. Cool lighting can have a calming and clean effect and generally goes better with steel and stone worktops and white cabinets. Warm lighting has a more energising feel and generally suits wooden countertops and natural wood-coloured cabinets. When fitting in new lights, make sure to weigh up the costs between recessed and track lighting – the latter can often be much more affordable.

Fix flooring flaws

A new floor can instantly transform a room for the better. Fix up gaudy linoleum and broken tiles by laying down a new flooring alternative. You generally can’t go wrong with white tiles or wooden laminate flooring, but of course the more lavish looking varieties will cost more. If you’re one of the few people unlucky enough to have a carpet in their kitchen, this should definitely be a priority to replace.

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