Show Your Shed Some Love


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A shed should be more than just the place where you store your lawn mower and all of the junk that you can’t find any other place for. It should be a space where you can retreat to when you need some quiet time, a place where you can participate in your hobbies and crafts, and a place where you can relax and watch the world go by. So, take a leaf out of the Shed of the Year contestants’ book and transform your shed into a useful place you can be proud of. Here’s how:

Choose a Theme

The most impressive sheds I’ve ever seen have all had a theme. From shabby chic and beach hut style to hobbit houses and even olde worlde pubs, there are so many designs to choose from. So, pick a theme that you’ll love and start transforming your shed. If you want a really bespoke look, you might need a handyman who specialize in carpentry to help you. They will be able to build unique sheds from scratch, but if you’re on a budget customising your existing shed with paint and accessories will be just as good.

Bold and Bright


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Brown sheds are boring sheds, and they do nothing for the overall look of your garden, so take a trip to your local DIY shop, buy some bold and bright outdoor paint and give your shed a new lease of life. Lavender, pink and blue look particularly good in the garden and will blend in with the flowers.

Give it a Glow

If you want to be able to use your shed night and day, you will need to add some lighting. Strings of fairy lights and mason jars filled with candles are great for creating a whimsical look, but if you’re going to be using the shed for arts and hobbies, you might want to run an electric cable to the shed, so that you can install a more powerful light.

Fill with Furniture

Your shed will benefit from an influx of furniture and so will you. At the most basic level, a comfy chair and table/desk will enable you to sit, read and carry out your hobbies in the shed, but if you want to create a really comfy space, adding a sofa, cushions and a record player or radio will do wonders. Many people go so far as to even install fully working bars in their sheds!

Light a Log Burner


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Adding a log burner to a corner of your shed will give it a cosy atmosphere and keep it warm during the winter, but you’ll need to add a chimney to your shed first, which might require expert help. It really is worth it, though.

Throw Down Decking

Placing decking around your shed will give you more space to work with. You can open up the shed doors, place a table and chairs on the decking and create your own summer house right at the bottom of the garden. Add a barbecue and a heater, and you’ll be able to spend time in the shed no matter what the weather, entertaining, crafting and enjoying the garden.

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