Safeguarding Your Home: How to Do It Right

You know those people who seem to be preparing for the apocalypse or some kind of severe civil unrest? The kind of people who store tinned food in the basement, have a bomb shelter or a panic room, keep weapons in the house, have several locks on every door? The media like to portray them as “overzealous” when it’s feeling kind and “crazy” when it’s not. Maybe you even have your own not-so-positive opinion on the matter.

But come on. You’ve got to admit that there’s something attractive about having so much safeguarding in your home. I don’t want to scare you into turning your home into some kind of hardcore fallout shelter. But there are definitely some more advanced home protection techniques you could start employing.

Protecting your home network

One of the least scary-sounding things that can happen in your home would be a violation of your Internet security. At least, when you compare it to a physical home invasion. But it’s extremely important that you get yourself protected when you’re using the Internet. So much data is transmitted via these connections that someone getting past your security may have big consequences.



My advice is to avoid simply trusting the security features that came with your computer purchase. Those features are usually just afterthought additions. You should consider hiring a network security specialist to assess your home system.

Investing in home defense products

When people say “home defense”, people often take that to mean “guns”. Home defense products aren’t necessarily guns; there are several items to can acquire to add security to your home.



There are, of course, the more obvious items like external CCTV and motion activated lighting. These things make for great deterrents. But what if someone is already in your home? You can look into getting pepper spray or non-lethal blunt weaponry. Really, though, your best bet is to focus on strengthening preventative measures. Get alarmed, upgrade your locks – heck, even get some fake security cameras if you don’t have the money to rig up a real system!

Putting emergency plans in place

So what exactly is the plan if you and your family suffer an emergency at home? If there’s a home invasion, what should your children do? They may be tempted to leave their rooms, which will put them in danger. With home invasions, one of the best practices is to have a safe room established. We’re not talking about an expensive panic room here, necessarily. A room with a stronger door than the rest that can be locked from the inside will suffice. Make sure this room has a landline phone in it, as well as wifi connectivity.



In other kinds of emergencies, like a fire, you should have a fire drill established. These aren’t just for your office! Make sure your family know what to do if a fire breaks out in your home. The same rules that apply at work must apply here: everyone must get out of the house calmly but quickly. A safe meeting place should be in place. If you’ve got all these things arranged beforehand, it will help put your mind at ease.

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