Protect Your Property From Theft

It would seem that these days you can’t be too careful. Theft, opportunistic or otherwise is everywhere. You can’t put your possessions down or leave them unattended without worrying if someone is going to walk off with them. It is a sad fact too that even our homes and houses are not safe. A potential thief is always on the lookout for easy and soft targets. But there are some ways that you can boost your safety and protect your property. Here are a few tips.



Deter thieves from the outset.

Some security experts say that a dog on the property is the number one deterrent in putting off a burglar from taking a chance on your home. Dogs make a lot of noise and regard the property as their own to protect. A dog is not for everyone, but if you have one, you will be helping your security.

Install alarm systems.

A burglar alarm is another great deterrent. These are also visible deterrents and can give you peace of mind if you are away for long periods of time. A different and less invasive way of detecting people coming into your property or even commercial premises are door chimes. These are easy to install and will alert you immediately to any visitor in a tuneful way!

Double check your windows and doors.

If you have older wooden windows and doors, these should be checked. They can be surprisingly easy for a determined intruder to open and gain entry. It should be impossible for anyone to open your window from outside and you should fit every window with a safety lock. Doors need to be heavy duty and fitted with inner bars and bolt locks.

Light your property up.

Thieves are attracted to the cover of shade and darkness. Install security lights around your property and drive. These have sensors that will be activated by body heat. They are a great way to light your own journey to the front door as well.


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Trim back any bushes and trees that could provide cover for an intruder. Allow your property to be as visible as possible. One of the drawbacks of installing high fences for privacy is that it prevents other people being able to keep an eye on your property. If you are away on holiday, you want to make sure that your property is safe. Use automated systems or plug-in timers to ensure that your lights are turned on and off, so your property is not left in darkness.

Secure your devices

Use immobilizing technology to make your devices useless to any would-be thief. They can also be installed with tracking devices. It is even possible for built-in cameras to record illegal users without them knowing. Tech can help you look after your computers, tablets and phones.


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Finally, just make sure that any obvious temptations are shut up and locked away. Keep items such as ladders and would be helpful tools in a secure garage or shed. Your vigilance and awareness might just be enough to persuade the thief to move on to easier pickings.

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