Make Your Conservatory Work All Year Round

Having a conservatory that adapts to the changing seasons and works as it should do in each individual one is a joy. It’s a joy because it means that the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about making changes to it as a change of season approaches. It’s a joy because it means the homeowner has everything that they need in their conservatory, at all times. But having a conservatory that works all year round isn’t by chance. A homeowner has to make changes to it to allow it work in that way. If you want your conservatory to be able to provide you with everything you need, whatever the season, then you need to make adjustments to it. A few of these adjustments can be found below.


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It is the weather that makes the defining differences between the seasons. But just because each season has its own climate, it doesn’t mean your conservatory can’t work well in them all — whatever the weather. To ensure that your conservatory is habitual in the cold winter months you should first seek to have a roof replacement. If your conservatory has a glass or polycarbonate roof it allows for the cold air to come in easily. To block this cold air, and even damp, you should have a solid roof structure built instead. You should also consider having warmth come up from below too. By having underfloor heating fitted you will be able to use your conservatory, and even walk bare foot in it, all year round.

But of course the year is not just one, big elongated bout of cold winter months. Thankfully the summer does come too. Sometimes, however, summer can come a bit too much. What is meant by this is that it can frankly get too hot. If a conservatory is adorned mostly of glass then it can be subjected almost to a greenhouse type effect. This can be highly uncomfortable, but it can be avoided. The first thing you need to do when trying to cool down a conservatory and make it less stifling is to try to deny the sun an entrance as best you can. This could mean putting up blinds or curtains. It could mean using shade cloths. It could even mean using aluminium foil to block the sun in its most potent position at its most potent time of the day. If this is all seems too much of an ask, however, you could just seek to get cool air flowing into your conservatory. To do so you should have a quality air conditioning unit fitted. Upon the likely fact that you already have one, but it doesn’t seem to be working because of its inactivity over winter, then you should seek AC repairs. A conservatory is a horrible place to spend time in if the airflow isn’t cool or regulated, so it’s pivotal that you take action to make this happen.

Once your conservatory is doing its job the whole year round then you can take to decorating it. And why not embrace the changing of the seasons by adorning it in seasonal plants when you come to decorating it? A conservatory is a beautiful place to spend time if it is pleasing both in regards to its temperature and its aesthetics.

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