Luxe Ensuite Bathrooms: Big Tiles, Bigger Baths

Ensuite bathrooms were once a luxury. But with rising incomes and cheaper construction techniques, they’re fast becoming a standard part of the home  – not something that is restricted to the upper echelons of society.

The problem, however, is that many people live in homes that were built before ensuites went mainstream and, as a result, the value of their property is under threat. According to Carole Ann Evans, an estate agent from the UK, four bedrooms houses with just a single bathroom are a big no-no for buyers. She suggests taking out a home loan, installing a new ensuite in at least one of the bedrooms and adding value to your home.

But how does one go about installing the perfect luxury ensuite bathroom? Let’s take a look.

Utilize Large Format Tiles



Small tiles are a staple of old-fashioned bathrooms. But when it comes to creating a feeling of luxury, nothing quite beats larger formats. According to leading designer Helen Green, large tiles in a neutral stone finish should fill the full width of the ensuite, helping to make the space feel as voluminous as possible. She also recommends providing a frosted shower door as a backdrop to the tiles, adding the sense of more space, even in smaller rooms.

Use Statement Baths

Another feature of luxury en suite bathrooms, according to designer Gregory Phillips, is to use statement bathtubs – if you’ve got the space of course. Statement bathtubs help to create a focus for the room and give bathrooms a spa feeling, especially when they’re located right in the center of the room. Paired with dark slate tiles, Swedish pine bathtubs can look stunning.

Put A Boutique Style Bath Right In The Bedroom

If you want a luxury feel but also want to save money, you can do away with building a separate ensuite entirely by putting a boutique bath right inside the bedroom itself. Having the bath in the bedroom allows you to save on space while adding to your bedroom facilities.

Install Generous Storage Space

Most old-fashioned bathrooms were built in an era when the only products people used were an electric razor and a bar of soap. Things have moved on a lot since then, and now the space requirements in bathrooms have gone up considerably. If you’re planning on building a luxury en suite, one of the first things you should consider is the cabinetry: is there going to be enough space to fit all your stuff or are you going to permanently have products on the window sill, ruining the aesthetic?

According to designer Helen Green, the best designer bathrooms are those that combine cabinets for things like towels, with recessed, mirrored shelving for beauty products. She also suggests creating a “dressing space” between the bedroom and the bathroom if you’ve got the space for it. These areas can be used to store clothes.

Go Open-Plan

If you love open plan living downstairs, you can also try it upstairs. A luxury en-suite bathroom could be up a step from the main bedroom with no door in between.

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