Live. Love. Lounge.

The lounge is the room in the house where all the relaxing happens. You can sit back with a hot drink and a good film or book at the end of a long day in the lounge, which means this is the room you should decorate with warmth and comfort.

Most lounges are big rooms as they’re the main entertaining space. Making a space that feels like an airplane hangar feel comfortable is very difficult. When your living room resembles a shoe box, you could wish for a bigger space, but they’re harder to decorate and you need that cosy feeling to be able to find comfort in your living space. With these tips, you can make your living room feel balanced, comfortable and warm, even with those tall ceilings you love so much.


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Bring nature in. It’s easy to add greenery outside the home but bringing it inside can change everything. Tall, leafy potted plants that stretch toward the ceiling can fill the room and break up a blank part of the wall.

Go big with your furniture. Think of a theme and stick to it, whether that’s vintage with mahogany bookcases and a Chesterfield sofa, or modern with chrome floating shelves and large corner suites. If you fill the space with tall or wide furniture, you can give the illusion of the room shrinking. You can also swap out your coffee tables and end tables for a large trunk or ottoman. A large room can handle big furniture, so go for it.


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Make two rooms. Okay, so your lounge is huge and you don’t have enough furniture to fill the whole space. Room dividers like this one are a great way to make the room look smaller, while utilising the space. Daybeds are another great idea to separate the room and still keep that cosy look.

Gallery walls and artwork are a must. Large rooms have large walls, so you need to decorate them. Filling up the wall spaces with photos and canvases, or large wall-mounted art pieces can make the room look busier, which will shrink it down. While you don’t want to make the room look tiny, you do want to bring it in a little so you can have a warmer feel to it.

Start building a library. In the corner of the room, start a book collection and use two high bookshelves and a cosy chair in the space. Reading nooks like this one are the perfect way to add cosiness to your large lounge.

Layering the room is the way to go. Comfortable spaces are all about layers of colours and textures. You don’t need to leave the whole room looking sparse, but you do need to make sure you don’t go too crazy and overcrowd it.

Your living room is the place you can go to relax, breathe at the end of the day and enjoy your own company. Add in a fire for some actual warmth and you’ve got comfort at the tip of your fingers.

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