Curb Appeal Ideas That Add Value

Getting a house ready for sale is a huge job and unless you have buckets of money ready, you’ll want to do as little as possible to the inside of the house. One place you should always concentrate your efforts on is the outside. First impressions mean a lot for buyers – let’s face it, you’d rather buy something beautiful than a run-down shack. It’s the impression of your house on the outside that can make or break a house buying deal and if you have spent every spare hour on the interiors, it won’t matter if the exterior is something out of The Addams’s Family. We are told every single day not to judge a book by its cover, as the best stories sometimes have an old and dated exterior. It’s not the case when it comes to houses!


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Giving your house a chance to sell quickly will absolutely depend on the curb appeal of your home. It’s not just the monetary value either, it’s the pride you have in your house that adds instant appeal. Do you ever find yourself down a street of extraordinarily beautiful homes? You slow down just to appreciate the huge sweeping drive with the patterned brick work and you peep at the lushly mown lawn. It’s all very attractive, isn’t it? You can have a home that makes people slow down and take notice, and if you follow these tips you’ll be there in no time.

Notice Your Front Door

It’s a simple idea, but the front door is the first place that can add value to your home. You wouldn’t want a house with a door that’s falling off its hinges and peeling paint, would you? Give yours a new look with a Graco Magnum X7. The paintwork ends up even with a great quality paint sprayer so do the job well and quickly and your front door can be a talking point.


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Lighting The Way

Making an entrance is important and the lighting is vital to this. Place two new light fixtures like these outdoor ones on either side of the door to make the whole exterior look inviting. Think of it as framing your doorway. Don’t go too big with your fixtures, as that’ll just look brash and unsightly. Soft lighting always makes the exterior of a home look beautiful and it very gently lights any flowers or plants, bringing them into focus.

Make A Path

Your walkway should be clear of all debris and if you have the time and the funds, border your path with seasonal flowers. You can cheat a little and replant pots of flowers into the border instead of planting seeds if you prefer, an instantly beautiful look that makes your front garden beautiful.


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Windows Are Eyes

Your windows should be clean and the wooden frames touched up so they’re not all rotten or peeling. They’re the reflection of your house and if you have an impeccable lawn and border but filthy windows, you’re not going to fool anyone!

Take care of the exterior of your home and people will be interested in the interior. Your time spent will be worth it when you sell your home – trust us on that!

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