Contemplate Before You Renovate: Things To Consider For Your Next Home Upgrade



On the face of things, upgrading your home should be a simple process. You see a look that you like, you hand over the money, and you reap the rewards. Sadly, it’s never that simple. There are plenty of different things you need to consider before upgrading any part of your home, and we’re going to run through a few of them with you today. Let’s take a closer look.

Be strict on budget

When you plan your budget, make sure you allow some flexibility and be savvy with your savings. The chances are that your renovation will go over the initial quote – it happens a lot more often than you might think. And having some flexibility could be the difference between finishing your project and living in a half-complete home.

Advice and help

Get advice before upgrading your home, preferably from a professional. Architects, designers, and builders will all have a much better idea of what does – and doesn’t – work. And if you decide to go it alone, there is a good chance that you will make a grave mistake – from design clashes to measurement errors.



Ease of use and your lifestyle

Some renovations need a lot more care and attention than others. Take your flooring as the perfect example. A brief glance over at the care guide for flooring by Carpet One reveals that each material requires different cleaning methods. Timber, laminate, and tiles are probably the easiest to clean, while vinyl can be a nightmare due to all the little ridges that help lodge dirt in really tight. Carpets are also tricky, as the deeper the pile, the more difficult it is to clean, regardless of how strong your vacuum. If you lead a busy lifestyle, how clean will you be able to keep your new upgrades? It’s a question you need to be aware of before you invest heavily in any type of renovation.

Think ‘value.’

You should also think about the impact a renovation will have on your home. There is no point in spending $30,000 on a new kitchen if it will only raise your home value by $5,000, for example. If you plan on staying in your home for life, it’s OK, of course. But, ultimately, your home’s value is driven more on your postal code than it is on the quality of your power shower.

Hire the right contractors

You can hear some nightmarish stories about contractors turning cowboy and leaving people with a messy home and huge bills. It’s vital that you do plenty of research to ensure you don’t fall foul of a dodgy company that rips people off. Word of mouth is always the best way of finding recommendations, but you can also look online at reviews. And finally, you should always try and contact the company’s previous customers and find out how they found the experience. Don’t forget, you are entrusting your home to people you don’t know very well, and you must have an indication – at the very least – that they can do the job you require of them. Good luck!

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