A Space Odyssey: Utilising Available Room


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Although we may be constantly thinking that we need bigger and better when it comes to our homes, we probably aren’t utilising the space available to us as much as we think that we are. The clever designers over at IKEA are always coming up with space-saving options, but it’s not so much the saving that we’re looking at here. If there is space available, it is better being put to good use.

Let It Grow

We are living in an extremely wasteful generation. If we go past the best-by date on a pack of food, we’re more inclined to throw it out than eat something that may be perfectly good – just because the packet has suggested that it might not be. This may be down to not knowing just how much effort goes into each piece of food that we are consuming. If we grew our own, we’d be less likely to simply ditch it – plus it’s cheaper for us and offers a hobby to get involved with. There are sites such as  http://www.lumigrowth.com/marshydro/, which have a great choice of things available to get you started with growing in your own home. A lack of space in a house often means a lack of light to go with it, so invest in a growing light to help you get off to a good start. Making use of the space that you’ve got available

Live For The Highs

Smaller spaces are often taller spaces. If you can’t spread out with your furniture, spread up. This may mean that you have to get custom-built furniture made for you, but it will be worth it when you realise just how much space you are saving but are still able to house all of your possessions. For example, you could get a tall sofa made and pop drawers and shelves into the bottom of it for extra storage. This is the same for any other seats, and even your bed; if you can elevate your bed to make use of the space below it, there’s all the more reason for doing it. It’s not like you can utilise the thin air that’s lying above it!

Stack It Up

There is something quite reassuring about shelves. They can be as decorative or minimalistic as you desire, and the fact that they can be put up as high as you would like offers a great solution to finding places to put your bits and bobs. Sites like https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/home/furniture/shelves have examples of shelves which are art pieces as much as they are practical and functional. Remember that brackets take up room too, so floating shelves may be a better option for you if you don’t have much wall space to install them. You can hang shelves from the ceiling, centre them up the wall or even have them freestanding; the choice is completely up to you and should be based upon your own preferences, especially as there’s so much to choose from!

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