7 Gorgeous Pergola Shade Cover Ideas


Long table and chairs on veranda in luxury villa exterior
Long table and chairs on veranda in luxury villa exterior

Take your outdoor decor to another level with these fantastic pergola shade cover ideas that’ll have you relaxing outside.

Adding a pergola shade cover to your deck or patio is a great way to expand your living space outdoors.

A pergola shades your space, making it livable during hot, sunny summer months. It will help keep your guests from getting sunburned and protect patio or deck furniture from fading in the sunlight. It also reduces the glare, which means you’ll be able to work on your computer or read outside, even during midday

If you’re thinking about adding a shade cover to your deck or patio, check out these 7 awesome pergola ideas.

1. Choose a retractable or adjustable pergola shade cover

A full-cover pergola can provide maximum shade on sunny days. But on overcast or chilly days, you may want some sun.

With a retractable or adjustable pergola, you get the best of both worlds. Add shade when you need it, and move it when you don’t.

2. Add a pergola pool-side

Pergolas on your deck or patio are great. But if you have a pool, you know that even in the water, you can get hot and sunburned on a sunny day.

Adding a pergola that covers part of your pool and pool deck means a shady spot to relax in the water and out of it.

3. Hang curtains for a pop of color

A pergola shade cover provides plenty of protection from the sun when its overhead. But late in the day, as the sun sets, a pergola isn’t much help.

Adding curtains to the side of your patio or deck can block out this light, and provide some privacy if you have neighbors nearby. It’s also great for adding a pop of color or a bright, fun pattern to your outdoor living space.

4. Choose an edgy design

Not all pergolas need to be square in shape.

Choose a custom shape for your pergola to add a fun, modern look to your patio. Match the curve of your landscaping to the shape of the pergola for a clean, chic look.

5. Match your pergola to your patio furniture

Fool your guests into thinking you hired a professional designer to put your outdoor space together. Matching the color and material of your pergola to your patio furniture gives your space a finished, professional look.

6. Choose a theme for your space

Go for a nautical theme by choosing a gray pergola and complimenting it with white wooden furniture, striped cushions, and seas-shell accents.

Or, go modern with a taupe pergola accented by black furniture and white cushions.

Choose a theme for decorating your patio for a fun, custom look.

7. Add an accent wall and vertical garden

Create an oasis right on your patio by adding a privacy wall on one side of your pergola, in a matching or accent color.

Add some containers to the wall and create a vertical garden. Choose ferns or large-leaved plants for a tropical feel. Or plant herbs and create your own kitchen garden, and offer fresh additions to your next dinner party.

The options for pergolas are endless. Choose the one that fits your taste, and extend your living space outdoors.

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