How To Bring It Back In The Bedroom – Sexual Health For You And Him

We’re breaking the taboos of sexual health, these days. Everything and anything is being discussed all the way from the pages of Cosmopolitan to the Congress floor. So, we’re going to join in and take a look at some of the major sexual problems that are getting in the way of a healthy sex life. For him and her, here are some of the problems we can all suffer from and advice for dealing with them.


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Low sex drive

The one that can affect just about anyone. We all suffer from low sex drive at one point or another. Sometimes we’re too tired out by work, sometimes stress gets to us. Sometimes our health just doesn’t let our libidos kick into gear. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is always a great way of making sure your body remains balanced. That goes for your sexual desire, too.


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Sometimes, even when the drive is there, the right lubrication isn’t. Lubrication is incredibly important for a woman to be able to enjoy sex. There are a lot of causes, from dehydration to other health concerns. If you’re feeling that fire and you want to get at it, then getting yourself a healthy sex lube can be the answer. Most couples report it increases the pleasure of bedtime fun even if it’s not necessary.


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Pain during sex

For some people, a bit of pain during it all can add a little fun. Usually, however, there shouldn’t be too much in the way of pain when it comes to the act of penetration itself. There are a lot of different causes for this particular problem, too. Structural problems within the vagina as well as psychological concerns can lead to pain. A lot of women experience it at one point or another, but if it’s a recurring problem, you should talk to your doctor.


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Erectile dysfunction

Now one that affects a lot of men. Erectile dysfunction is when the sex drive is there but the ability just isn’t. Sometimes, it has mental causes, other times it can do with the blood vessels in the penis. The male in question should get himself to a doctor to find the root cause but as a partner, you should be supportive. Try to not act disappointed or judging. Rest assured, that will only compound the same treatment he gives himself.


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Premature ejaculation

Another common bedroom problem. Sometimes a guy just can’t help but finish before he wants. Other times, it’s a persistent problem. There are a lot of treatments for this particular issue, but it might end up with him his whole life. The key is to finding other ways of pleasuring one another that keeps the fun going longer.


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Getting the root causes

If your physical issues aren’t cured by conventional medicine, perhaps it’s time to look deeper. A sex therapist can not only fix your immediate problems. Many go to a sex therapist to report later that their sex is even better and more fulfilling than before their issues arose.

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