How Natural Supplements Can Help You Become More Romantic

We all lose our desires to do things. It’s as natural as having an “off day”.

Sometimes, you want to be your absolute best self, so you eat healthier, drink tons of water, and try to exercise.

Other times, sticking to a plan is just too much to manage. Those are the times you might over-indulge on partying, alcohol, and fatty foods.

Couple in nature.Happy couple fall in love under a beautiful cherry tree.
Couple in nature.Happy couple fall in love under a beautiful cherry tree.

In the bedroom, we all want to feel our best. We all want to feel confident in our sexual performances. Maintaining those desires isn’t always easy, though. Luckily there are ways to combat these terrible slumps. Here is a list of natural supplements that will boost your mood for romanticism and enhance your overall performance.

Vitamin B12

Known as the “energy vitamin”, B12 can certainly help with having a good sexual appetite.

If you’re feeling fatigue or simply having a difficult time getting out of bed then a deficiency of this vitamin could definitely be to blame.

Those who don’t eat meat often struggle with keeping their energy levels up but combating that by ensuring that you have a higher intake of it can help to wake things up in the bed.


Another important vitamin to have in your diet is zinc. It can be taken on its own as a supplement and can be found in high-protein foods like grass-fed beef or chicken.

It helps with the production of healthy sperm and also helps women’s eggs mature.

That all might not sound too romantic, but keeping good levels of this vitamin can easily promote a better sex life.

Vitamin D3

Looking for a simple way to help you relax? Add more of this vitamin to your diet.

A common cause of poor sexual performance or lowered sexual desire is due to feeling anxious or irritable. Vitamin D3 is proven to completely work against that.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

A natural aphrodisiac that not only smells good but feels good on the skin!

Aromas from the oil help to raise libidos and increase sexual desire.

It also is particularly popular with men as it smells like androsterone.


Another natural aphrodisiac that can be a stress reliever, maintain healthy testosterone levels and improve sperm quality.


Known to be good for boosting women’s sex drives, this natural ginseng is rich in vitamins B, C, and E.

Its high levels of zinc, calcium, magnesium and amino acids also support your adrenal glands. Meaning it will regulate things from your sleep cycle to your sexual hormones.


The anti-anxiety components of kava are quite strong.

For those suffering from any performance anxiety, this can guide you to relax more and enjoy feeling turned on.


Commonly used by the natives of Mexico, this natural supplement organically heightens sexual energy and pleasure.

It also contains alkaloids which helps to improve blood flow to the pelvic area.

With natural stimulants similar to caffeine, it’s safe to say that this is a much healthier alternative to coffee.

There are plenty of natural ways to obtain more energy, strengthen your sexual performance and maintain your desire to be romantic.

Before resorting to medication such as Viagara or other sexual stimulants, consider the natural resources around you.

Most of these supplements can be bought outright or found in plenty of natural foods. Alongside a better diet are other alternative ways to keep that sexual momentum up and to have a more romantically fulfilling life. Take a look at this Phalogenics Review for further tips and advice.

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