Cosmetic Dentistry Your Way To A Perfect Smile



A great smile is becoming more and more popular. Once upon a time, it was way down the list of things that people associated with health. Nowadays, you and I can’t leave the house without making sure that the pearly whites are sparkling. The question is, how do you obtain a perfect smile? Your brain might instantly decide that brushing is the way to go, as well as flossing and mouthwash. In truth, cosmetic dentistry is the key. Don’t worry, though, because there is no need to go under the knife. The following are non-intrusive ways to improve your smile.


Bonding is a technique where a resin that resembles the colour of the tooth is attached to the problem areas. As the dentist shines a special light on the resin, it begins to harden and cover up any impurities. Dental bonding is one of the best ways to treat issues like chips, cracks, and gaps in between the teeth. Apart from being very effective, it’s also cheap because most dentists don’t charge a fortune, depending on the size of the job.

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Cracks and gaps are one thing, but wonky teeth are another problem completely. The bad news is that crooked teeth are easy to spot, so they ruin a person’s smile from the outset. Plus, there is no way to fix them other than to use braces. As far as orthodontic appliances go, braces can be annoying. They aren’t intrusive, but they do have to stay put for months and sometimes years. However, most people say that they can’t feel them after a while unless they go searching with their tongue! After they come off, the teeth will be perfectly straight and symmetrical. If you’re lucky, you might only need a retainer to straighten the jaw rather than the teeth.



Teeth Whitening

Plenty of people have nice, straight teeth without any gaps. What they don’t have is peggies which gleam. Thanks to an average diet, teeth aren’t difficult to stain. Everything from the food you eat to the drinks you consume can chip away at the brightness and leave them looking dated. And don’t forget about the way that cigarette smoke and alcohol adds a nasty yellow hue. Thankfully, teeth whitening kits are on hand to restore them to their natural colour. If going to the dentist isn’t your thing, you can buy a kit from the local store and do it alone. Just follow the instructions to the letter for the best results.




What the hell is contouring? The simple answer is a procedure which shapes teeth to improve their appearance. For the most part, it is used to tackle problems like overcrowding and uneven teeth. It’s a basic method that is only for small imperfections, but minor issues can make the biggest difference. Results tend to be instantaneous, and you can use it in line with other techniques for the ultimate smile. Contouring and teeth whitening, for example, go hand in hand.

Cosmetic dentistry might not seem like an option, but it’s the often the best one available.

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