Be More Charitable: It’s Good For Your Health!

Want to improve your general health? Then consider helping others – scientific studies from all over the world repeatedly find that being charitable and generous has serious and quantifiable health benefits. Here’s what you can expect – and a few ideas on the sort of things you can do for charity.



The link between health and charity

According to a major study on charitable giving, those that gave more suffered from fewer colds. Giving money to charity and taking part in events also had direct benefits on the health of people suffering from multiple sclerosis and HIV. And finally, another study by the University of Michigan found that those who offered practical help to family, friends, and neighbours actually have a lower risk of dying in the next five years. So, the big question is – what are you waiting for? Get out there and help people and you will probably live a lot longer!

Charity and fitness

There are all kinds of ways of getting involved in charitable events, but many people who do tend to put themselves through extreme activities. The story on the No Birds Bash Website is a great example of the kind of exciting thing you can do for charity. Lots of people get involved with the Variety Bash – Australia’s largest motoring event – and join in to raise money for sick, disadvantaged, or special needs children. While this particular charity event is focused on driving, you can also look into running, swimming, or any other sport you can possibly imagine. And it’s not just the event itself that keeps you healthy – it’s the build up and the training that helps, too – not to mention the sheer amount of focus you will have when disadvantaged people are rooting for you.

Charity and happiness

By now, everyone is probably aware that the happier your life is, the healthier you are likely to be. And given that the mere act of giving to charity – or getting involved in an event – makes you feel good, it’s no surprise it can have an impact on your happiness, and, therefore, your health.

Charity and your personal life

Ultimately, getting involved in a charity could end up helping you out in later life. Who knows what the future holds for you and your family? And if your fundraising and awareness building of a particular illness or ailment tips the balance in favour of a breakthrough, it might save your life one day. And, even if it doesn’t, or the research doesn’t find a cure until it is too late, you may save the life of hundreds – or thousands – of others. So, while doing your bit for a charity may not impact you directly, it might just help out one of your descendants, or those of your close friends.

Do you give to charity? Or do you take part in charitable activities that raise vital funds for research and awareness? Why not share your stories and experiences in the comments section below and let everyone know how you find it?

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