A New Mum Needs Support, so Provide Her with It!

Has somebody in your life recently given birth? Has a friend or a family member of yours just become a new mum? If so, first and foremost, make sure to congratulate them! But you shouldn’t just stop at a mere congratulations. You should extend your gesture of goodwill further by actively offering to help and support her. Below are a few ways you can do just that.


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First of all you should check out these gift ideas that all new mums will cherish. Mainly, they include  gestures on your part that will help cater to the new mum’s new lifestyle and try to make it as stress free and ‘normal’ as possible. For instance, if she has a dog, walk her dog. If her house is becoming dirty, clean it for her. If she is finding it hard to find time to cook, whip her up a nutritious and fulfilling meal. By doing these things you are doing your bit to ensure that the normal aspects of her life are tended to even when she is too tired or busy to tend to them herself. Retaining a sense of normality is crucial for the development of both the new mum and her child, so you must help her do it.

If you are a mother yourself you should never be scared to give tips on dealing with motherhood, even if you sometimes feel you are ‘sticking your beak in’. Yes, the new mum may be trying to find herself in the world of motherhood. And yes she may want or even say she wants to do things her own way and doesn’t need advice. But you need to take into consideration the fluctuating hormones she will be experiencing at this very tender time. You need to understand that just because she may say she doesn’t need help, it doesn’t necessarily mean she means it. So, never be afraid to share your experience and wisdom when it comes to motherhood.

And something else you should never be afraid to do is tell her some uncomfortable home truths. Specifically, if you think she is struggling you should never be afraid to tell her. Postpartum depression is a very real, very common and very serious condition, and if you think that your friend is suffering from it you must tell her, because she might not realise it herself. But you shouldn’t just tell her, you should support her through it. One way to support is to always be truthful, but never criticising with what you say. Another way is to get her the professional help that she desperately needs. And you must remember that this is a 24 hour condition for your friend, which therefore means its a 24 hour job for you when you help her through it. If she calls you up at 3AM in the morning, answer her!

So, if you have a new mum in your life or if there is one on the horizon, make sure to take heed of the advice above. Most importantly, make sure you are there for her — no matter how in control of her situation you think she may be.

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