You Won’t Believe How Much Time You Spend Looking At Tech


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A recent report has revealed just how many times people check their personal screens in one day and the results are quite shocking. On average we check our phones about 5,400 times per day. You might think that’s fairly normal. But wait because the report also shows we spend 23 days a year looking at our screens. That’s again the average so there will be people spending a month each year looking at their phone. And at least a few years of their whole life staring at a screen. You might think this is an incredible waste of time. But you have to remember that these screens have a wide range of different uses. So it almost makes sense that we spend forty minutes looking at tablets and over four hundred minutes a day looking at other screens. Here’s why.

Social Media Importance

Social media is used for everything these days from meetings in the office to staying in touch with loved ones. Rather than heading out for a coffee with a friend, you might just catch them online. And boy, doesn’t time fly when you’re using something like Facebook. Don’t worry if you spend hours scrolling through Facebook, it’s due to the way it’s designed. Using a mobile device like a tablet, you have infinite scrolling. That means there’s always new information to look at and when there’s always new information, there’s no reason to stop. It’s one of the reasons why social media is so addictive these days. But it’s not just about the tech or how it’s displayed. There’s also the problem with how information is released. News stories can be found repeated from different stories told from various angles. So rather than spending two minutes reading one article, you spend ten reading several.

Digital Fun

If you have apps on your tablet, you’re probably using something like the Google Play app download. This allows you to get as many game apps as you like on your tablet and play them whenever you want. From Quizup to Go, there’s a lot of fun addictive apps available for tablets and mobiles. Is it any wonder we just can’t put these screens down. Don’t forget last year, Pokemon Go made well over one billion in profits. That means there was a lot of people running around staring at their phone screen outdoors.

Hey Cortana, Hey Siri, Hey Google…

Finally, tech is becoming more intelligent and lifelike with every passing day. Now that tech responds to your voice it almost feels like your conferring and interacting with a real person. So, you will ask them what the weather is going to be like or use them to access fresh information. You might even start interacting with them daily as it becomes an accepted part of your routine. In a few years, we might even be woken up with AI telling us information that it knows we’ll want the answer to. As smart devices become even more intelligent, they’re going to become a greater part of our lives. So, you might think that four hundred minutes per day is a scary stat. But really, it’s just the beginning.

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