Transform Your Smartphone Into The Ultimate Entertainment Gadget

It’s time to get more out of your smartphone and transform it into the ultimate entertainment gadget. Here are some ideas to help you get started:



Music Apps

Of course, all good entertainment gadgets need to stream high-quality music. There are a plethora of music streaming apps on the market today. Spotify is still seen as the king by most people, but there are some that prefer the layout and feel of Deezer. Apple Music is great for anyone with an Apple device as you get a decent free trial of the premium version when you own an iPhone. Streaming is the way forward as you can listen to so many different singles and albums without having to buy them. All you have to do is pay a subscription fee every month. Alternatively, pay nothing at all and use Soundcloud instead. This is great if you like under-the-radar music and independent artists.

Wireless Speakers

To go along with a great music streaming app you need some quality wireless speakers. Why? So you can connect your phone to them and blast out your tunes for everyone else to hear! It’s a great accessory to have if you’re at a party and in charge of the music for the evening. But, it’s also just great if you want to have some music playing in your room or in the house while you’re doing things. A smartphone with a great streaming service combined with wireless speakers is the modern day hi-fi system. The best thing is, it’s portable, and you can take your phone and speakers wherever you want.



TV/Movies Apps

Naturally, you can’t have an entertainment device that doesn’t stream TV/movies on it. There are loads of great streaming services you can choose from across both Apple and Android devices. Also, if you are an Android user, you should check out ShowBox, as it allows you to watch loads of tv shows and movies for free. One great tip is to also download a VPN client for your smartphone like Hola. What this will do is allow you to use your streaming apps without a location restriction. So, you can watch Netflix or Hulu or any other streaming service from other countries as well as your own. This gives you access to so many new TV shows and movies!

Stream To TV

If you really want to make your smartphone the ultimate entertainment device, then you need to stream its content to your TV or computer monitor. How can you do this? Well, there are a couple of things you can do. Apple users can purchase Apple TV which lets you stream your phone to any other device connected to Apple TV. It’s wireless and super easy to do. Alternatively, you can purchase a cable that connects your phone to your TV. The same this is available for Android users too, and it means all your amazing streaming apps can be viewed on a bigger screen for all to enjoy.

Now, you have a mobile device that can act as your main entertainment hub! It’ll provide you with entertainment on the move and in the home too.

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