The Apps That You Really Need To Be Using

The App Store or Google Play – they both offer exciting worlds to dive into right away. From ebooks to movies and creativity to the theory of evolution – there is pretty much an app for anything. That’s because they are so easy to make and anyone with a background in computer design can apply their ideas to the construction of a mobile app.

The App Store is nearly nine years old and will approach that landmark in a few months time in the Summer. It seems as though it has been around forever and the use that it has given to our lives is nearly endless. That’s not all though – the App Store is experiencing tremendous upward growth. The busiest day ever was just a few months ago on January the 1st 2017 and even in 2016, developers who put out apps on the App Store saw their revenue leap by almost half year on year. What does this say? That the world of apps is getting bigger and better.



Despite the continued improvement of apps year on year, there are some key pieces of mobile software that are key to the handheld experience and that is what we will be looking at today.

While Apple’s iPhones are designed with simplicity in mind, the same can’t be said about some Android phones. While it sounds incredibly boring – an app like Solid File Explorer allows you to browse the files on your phone and dig around. This allows for greater depth inside the phone than an Apple iPhones, where it can be seemingly impossible to delete files.

We all aren’t blessed with massive data packages and that is why an app like Pocket is so important. Save huge articles to your phone when you’re using wi-fi to enable you to read them when you are out and about. This app is genius as even with huge data – sometimes we can’t get the signal to use it. Speaking of data – apps like Safari and Chrome allow us to browse the net, but do eat chunks of mobile data. Opera Max breaks down the size of everything internet to speed up your browsing while using fewer chunks of data.

If entertainment is important to you, check out the MovieBox app that will allow you to experience a wide range of movie genres at home and on-the-go. Mobile phones and tablets allow us to consume media in portable environments and apps like MovieBox allow that to happen. If you love podcasts, but hate the clustered and feature-heavy apps like Apple Podcasts and built-in podcast bloatware, look no further than Pocket Casts. While it isn’t free, it offers dozens of premium features in a clean style. It’s easier, and prettier than ever to access and listen to your favorite podcasts. Finally, books can be found all over the place from Apple Books to Google Play Books, Kobo and Kindle – simply choose the app that is right for you and get right to reading.



From file storage to browsing and entertainment, these are the apps that you need to be using right away!

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