Technology To Boost Your Camping Trip

There’s nothing quite like packing up the car, saying goodbye to the modern world, and heading into the great outdoors for a few days of camping with friends and family. Whereas this used to be a trip that was decidedly technology free, we now found ourselves in a position where we can have the best of both worlds: a relaxed camping trip that’s aided by some pretty clear (and we’ll say, cool) technology. Here are some of the worthy investments that’ll add an extra sparkle to your trip to the woods.



Keeping Things Light

Always remember that part of getting into the great outdoors is so that we can get away from the constant illumination of the modern world and look up at the stars for once. That being said, it’s completely recommended to have some form of light at your camp, because after all you want to make it a pleasant, comfortable place to hang out in, right? There are a whole host of sophisticated, long lasting lanterns you can invest in that’ll make your campsite a home away from home. Also: headtorches. As many as you can find. Nothing affects a camping trip like a dark walk in pursuit of a “bathroom”, especially when there are bears around…

The Essentials

You’ll want to take your usual technology with you, such as your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, and the like, for photos and reading, maybe shooting your own ‘in the woods’ horror film (if you’re feeling creative!). You’ll want to be able to keep them powered up, so check out for power bank reviews and find the best one for you. Also, it’s worth investing in a cover for your kindle, as dirt and sand and the other camping culprits can find themselves inside your screen.

For Fun

Now we’re talking! You’re heading into the outdoors for some much needed away from the modern world, but you’re also going to have some fun. Luckily, there’s a lot of modern technology that’s on hand to facilitate this desire. If you’re travelling with a group, take a bunch of walkie talkie with you: they’re just about as much fun/as cool as you image! If you’re more a hiker or mountain biker, then a GoPro will ensure you have plenty of cool footage to edit once you’re back home. Finally, if you’re travelling somewhere really beautiful (we’re thinking, the Canadian Rockies, for example), then consider packing a drone and get some out of this world footage of some of the world’s most beautiful spaces.



…And For Comfort

OK, the Hennessy Hammock isn’t technically technology, but it’s so innovative that it deserves to stand alongside any electrical component. Back this in your camping supplies and you won’t need a tent (though it’s good to have one just in case). Instead, you’ll be able to saunter wherever you please and hang up your bed for the night between two trees. Or you can turn it into an uber comfortable swinging chair. Ah, it’s what camping dreams are made of.

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