Smart Home: Top Tech Around the House

With technology constantly improving all the time, it is starting to make a big difference to all areas of our lives. The futuristic homes that you used to see on old movies where everything operates automatically are starting to become a reality! As everything continues moving at such a rapid rate, who knows what is just around the corner? In the meantime, let’s look at some of the top technology items that are starting to get into more and more people’s homes.


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Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Rather than having to go through the time-consuming and annoying job of vacuuming your home yourself, robots are taking care of the job for you. Though it was quite some time ago when the first Roombas were working their way through our homes, today’s robot vacuum cleaners are able to detect and navigate obstacles, and can even automatically empty their dust bin!

Automation in the Home

Bit by bit, our homes are becoming controllable by technology. For example, more and more people have automatic garage doors. If not, you may well be asking: how much does it cost to automate my garage door? More homes are having systems installed that control heating from your smartphone, and it doesn’t look like it will be long until this becomes the most common method of controlling a whole range of items around the home, from your lights to your kettle.

Voice Controlled Technology

You have probably already seen plenty of adverts with people talking to tiny devices situated in the home. Well, don’t expect this to change anytime soon! Devices such as the Echo Dot have a whole range of functions such as playing music, controlling smart home devices, providing information, reading news, and setting alarms, to name a few. As these devices are always improving and getting smarter, you will be able to complete more and more tasks without actually lifting a finger.

Wireless Speakers

In days gone by, speakers were big and clunky, taking up a huge amount of space in your home. Today’s systems are not only wireless; they can be connected up by Bluetooth or WiFi so that you have total control of your music. Gone are the days when you would have to get up to change the CD. As technology continues to improve, the sound quality can only get better so you can put on all the songs in the world at the touch of a button.

Security Systems

There is no doubt that home security systems are moving quickly into the space age. Even keys will seem old fashioned in the near future as you can install systems that unlock your door using your smartphone. You can even connect all your devices together with devices such as the Canary to monitor the house, watch out for intruders, send videos of any suspicious activity, as well as controlling air quality and home temperature.

With so many exciting new systems being released these days, make sure you keep on top of trends as they continue to change.

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