Keep Your Smartphone Off The Scrap Heap


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Let’s be honest; the majority of us now own a smartphone. In fact, if you want to get technical, two-thirds of Americans have one in their pockets. And that number is set to rise by 2020. In many ways, we wouldn’t be without them. The days of using our phones for calls and texts are long gone. Now, we’re accustomed to having these miniature sized computers to hand at all times. And, there’s no denying that their invention has made our lives easier. In one neat package, we can keep pretty much everything we need. From communication to planning, smartphones have it covered.

But, our relationship with this invention is not completely a happy one. Some of us look fondly on the days of Nokia 3120s and their counterparts. Why? Because those phones were invincible. You could drop them down the toilet, and they would ring underwater! The fact they’re still around is a testament to how durable they were. But, can the same be said for smartphones?

The evidence would suggest it can’t. It may not be fair to make the comparison. After all, a smartphone has much more to do than an old Nokia brick. But, it’s still difficult to overlook the fact that smartphones are nowhere near as durable as phones of old. You drop them, and the screens smash. You sit down, and they snap. Not to mention the fact that they have incredibly short life spans in the grand scheme of things. To put it in perspective, the average lifespan of a smartphone is a mere 21 months!

It seems only fair to mention that many of us do dispose of our phones well before their time is up. As soon as things start to slow down, our contracts allow us to get something shiny and new to replace them. So, in many ways, manufacturers have no need to increase the time limit. But, getting a new phone every year or so is not an economically friendly way of doing things. Plus, you can get a cheaper contract without this addition. All you need to do is make your smartphone live well into old age.

Let’s tackle the breakage issue first. A phone cover is a must. It’s the surest way you have of saving yourself the horror of dropping the thing. The good news is, there are many phone covers online to choose from. Try to opt for something that protects the screen as well as the phone itself. We all know that the screen is the most volatile part. A case that comes around at the front is your best bet. If you’re particularly prone to clumsiness, it may even be worth opting for a rubber version.

Smartphones have also been known to slow down because of how much we store in them. Is that any surprise? If your phone starts acting old, try upgrading your memory card. Or, you could use alternative storage methods like the cloud to free up much-needed space.

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