Don’t Let It Go To Waste, Breathe New Life Into Your Old Gadgets

Over the past twenty of years, we’ve all bought our fair share of gadgets and technological tools. Even now, we tend to upgrade our phones every year, even when the old one is as good as ever before. Over time, we end up having more devices that we think are useless, but which actually still have a lot of life in them. If you’ve got plenty of devices in your home, here’s what you should do with them.



Those Dusty Old Laptops

OK, perhaps ‘dusty old laptop’ isn’t quite correct. We’re not talking about those giant paperweights that ran Windows 98; we mean the laptops that a couple of years past their sell by date. They’re running slow, and you’re just itching to buy a new computer. But hold right there a second, because that old laptop might be alright after all! If it’s a speed issue, try installing some more RAM, and delete any of the old big, lagging software that you don’t need anymore. It might not run like new, but it’ll keep it off the trash heap for a while longer!

A Draw Full of Phones

Some people buy a phone each year, so what do they do with the old ones? If they’re not sold, they’re kept in the drawer, gathering dust! But if you have a lot of new phones, why not repurpose for them other uses instead? For example, if you do activities where your phone could get damaged, you should put your sim card in one of the old phones for the day. If it breaks, then no bother – you weren’t really using it anyway. If you’re going abroad, you can unlock sim, put it in another phone, then travel using local data; if it gets lost or stolen during the chaos of traveling, the worst you’ll have lost is an old phone.

Using Your Old Xbox

There was a good trick posted over at Lifehacker recently, which told Classic Xbox owners how to turn their old device into a media center. All you have to do is install XBMC, and you’ll have a whole host of television shows, channels, movies, and sports on your television.

Turning Into Cash

Of course, at some point, you’ll want to get these old devices out of your life. But you shouldn’t automatically think about throwing them away because many – even the old ones – might be worth some money. You’ll have to take a few steps to ensure they’re all in good condition, but learning how to improve old devices will be worth its weight in gold when it comes to selling. If you have a lot of devices, they could worth hundreds of dollars when you add up all their values together!

Knowing When To Throw

That being said, some devices really are beyond repair. If you’re not interested in keeping devices for sentimental value (you never know how much of a collector’s item the first iPhone will be in a few years), make sure you’re discarding your old devices properly!

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