Bye-Bye Gimmicks: Your Smartphone Really is Smart


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If there is one major shift we have seen since the introduction of the first smartphone it is that they have shed their gimmicky reputation and moved into the realm of truly useful. That is part of the reason why we rely on them from the moment we sit up in bed to the moment to the moment we start to feel tired again. There is just always another reason to pick up our phones. So much so that you know your way around yours better than you know your way around your home.

Or do you?

You see, there are still a few ways that your smartphone can surprise you, or at least it surprised us, making them still a worthy investment. If you are a little skeptical about that because, well, you are a tech whizz, then just read on and think of this as a knowledge test. Who knows, you might be surprised.

Gaps In Your Window

If you were to open up a new tab, head over to Google and search, “How to save money on utility bills,” you will see that every article talks about leaky windows. That is where a little add-on known as the Flir One can give you the upper hand and reduce your guess work. Once you’ve plugged it in, point your phone’s camera at a window and watch as thermal imagery shows you how energy efficient your window is. If somewhere shows up cold when it should be hot, or vice versa, then you know you have an issue.

No Your Limits

We’ve all been somewhere we have gotten a little carried away, whether it be in Vegas or at a house party. Well, your smartphone can stop you getting into all sorts of mishaps like are synonymous with these kinds of errors. On the one hand, you don’t have to go to Vegas anymore because there are apps and website that are like a casino but online. As for the whole having a couple of drinks at a house party and then not being sure whether you are over the limit, the BACtrack smartphone breathalyzer device can tell you exactly how much alcohol is on your breath in five seconds. No more dumb decisions.

Engine Light Uncertainties

There is nothing more heart-pounding than seeing an engine light burst to life on your dashboard. That is because you have no idea what it means and that means you are worried about whether you may get ripped off at a garage. So, to know what’s up with your car without having to run any risks, get the Automatic Pro, which plugs into your car and then talks to your smartphone, diagnosing the mechanical issues in a way that you can understand. That way you can decide whether you need to take it into a garage and, if you do, you can tell them exactly what is up. Voila.

Smartphones used to be smart because they told you what the weather was doing outside right that second, but now they are genuinely smart. It is just a matter of knowing how to tap into that brain of theirs.

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