Are We Walking ATMs For Our Devices?

We live in a thoroughly digital society. And many of us will see that as a good thing. We won’t look into how increased accessibility also means increased demand on our social, work, and leisure time. But we will look at how that reliance on technology can leave you stony broke if you’re not careful. We’re not going to try and tell you to stop using devices that you thoroughly believe you need. We will, however, look at how owning them doesn’t have to quite be the cash deathtrap that it can be.


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In most cases, you can forget about the warranty

Protecting your assets and finances makes a lot of sense in most situations. We don’t want something we could replace taken away from us and costing us to replace it. However, there’s a bubble that has to burst for many people. Look at the last time you genuinely had to use a tech warranty for a mobile device. Most of the time they break, it’s outside the warranty and that’s by design. Most of us are paying for a service that we simply do not use.

Repair, don’t replace

That doesn’t mean you’re up the device-less creek without a paddle when your phone does eventually give up the ghost. Phones seem so finely made that any change to them can seem irreversible. However, that’s just not true. Most devices when ‘broken’, can easily be fixed at places like Forever Wireless at much less than it would take to pay a full warranty or make an upgrade that just makes no economic sense. If it’s a processing, lag, or digital error issue, there are a hundred software fixes that could help, if a factory reset won’t clear it up entirely.

Get deals that actually meet your needs

This is why many hate dealing with mobile and internet companies. They get suckered into deals with this one line of logic. “Sure, you’re not using that data right now, but you could be if you take the deal.” No, don’t do it. Figure out your needs first, seeing how much time you spend with your tech and what you’re doing before you accept any “upgrades” or “deals”. It’s a good idea not to agree to a deal on a first conversation ever, if possible. Listen to the details on it, but ask them to call you back another day and spend the time getting the facts to support your decision.

Do an app audit every now and then

Are you app happy? Then you’re like many others. A lot of apps, such as streaming, eBook, data storage and other apps aren’t products but services. Meaning you will keep paying for them until you decide to stop. But many people forget they even have an app installed or if they get a new phone, which services they’re using. Services like Trim can help you find your subscriptions, giving you the skinny on which you could cancel and which you still need. It’s important to make those choices. If you change your mind, you can just re-subscribe. If you don’t change your mind, you can’t get back the money you spend when you end up not using the app anyway.

Be a smarter customer and look at your real needs. Don’t get caught up in the deals but think about the realities of them. Most importantly, don’t lose track of your spending. It’s all too easy in a digital setting.

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