Apple Wants iOS 10 To Rock Your World

Apple is a company that likes superlatives. Everything has to be the biggest, the “most user-friendly” and the smartest. And so when the company launched its latest iOS, it had to be the best iOS launch ever.

There’s a reason Apple does this sort of thing. They know that people react to superlatives: things always have to be the “best ever” or the “greatest.” But is the new iOS 10 any of that? Here are some features all you hardcore Apple fans out there will want to know about.

Raise To Wake

For years smartphone and tablet users have been putting up with pressing the home button to wake their devices up. But Apple decided that that was too much effort for its users. Instead, they’ve chosen to go with a much higher tech solution: raising to wake.



Raise to wake works by activating the accelerometer inside the device. As you pick your device up, the accelerometer recognizes that the position of the device has moved and automatically switches the screen on, showing you all your new notifications. This is one of those features that seems superfluous until you’ve given it a go. Then you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Delete Your Default Apps

One of the most annoying things about new phones is all the bloatware that comes installed on them. Worse still, much of this bloatware cannot be removed, and so you end up with menu page after menu page crammed with apps you don’t want.

Apple says that they’ve changed all this with their latest iOS update. No longer will you have to put up with apps you don’t want taking up real estate on your screen. Instead, you can replace them with apps you do want. MovieBox is free of cost for iOS users and can be used to replace the regular movie player. You can also get rid of the Compass app if you want, something which has been present on iPhones for nearly a decade.



Wikimedia Commons

Emojis are a big thing these days. But for some people, they’re huge. However, all that tapping away on the emoji screen is time-consuming, and so Apple has come up with a fix. It’s called the auto-emoji system. The idea behind it is actually really simple. When the system is turned on, the messaging app will read your message and insert an emoji whenever it deems it appropriate. For instance, if you want to grab a pizza with your friends, it’ll add a pizza emoji whenever you write the word “pizza.”

Transcribe Your Voicemails



Apple’s new iOS is able to listen to what you say and write it down. That’s good news for people who don’t want to listen to their voicemails. Instead, they can choose to have iOS 10 transcribe them and send them the transcript in a phone app. This is especially useful for people who are hard of hearing or who don’t want to listen to their voicemails on a noisy train carriage. You can access the voicemails through an app instead of ringing a number.

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