3 Smart Technologies Every Modern Home Needs

The modern home has shrugged off the image of analog appliances and the dullness from a bygone era to, now make complex functionality cool. The ‘smart home’ as it’s now called is a home that studies and learns its surroundings and interactions with human. The world of technology is in an unstoppable pursuit to fully connect each item in every room with one another. The end goal is to make living easier by putting less mental stress of chores on the mind. However, some technologies are more useful than others, and sifting your way through superficial high-price technology to appliances you need, can be very tricky.


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Robots that understand you

You’ve seen this little droid in lots of sci-fi films, but it’s not too far out of touch, in fact quite the opposite. Semi-autonomous robot vacuum cleaners can be let loose in your home to do a little cleaning in hard to reach crevices. The iRobot Roomba 980 can be scheduled to automatically clean specific areas of the home and at certain times regardless of if you’re near to it or not. It’s been designed to vacuum under tables, sofas, beds, some wardrobes and also under cabinets. Priced at just under a thousand dollars at $899 is, quite the bargain for the amount of hassle and practical work it takes out of your daily life.

Appliances that connect to your phone

Smart washing machines are incredibly useful for your laundry routine. Wi-Fi-enabled washing machines are spreading rapidly throughout the market. When you purchase a smart washing machine, it comes with an app that when interconnect with your smartphone, allows you remote access to the machine’s software. Whether you’re on the train, in the garden, stuck in traffic or just sitting in the other room watching t.v., you can access the washing cycle, temperature, cyclic rate and all the other settings you normally get with a conventional washer. If you have ever forgotten to set the timer or switch on the washing machine, even after you did all the heavy lifting only to find out you need to get out of bed and go downstairs to do it manually, this modern home appliance would come in super handy. However, some things not even the most advanced technology can bypass, and that’s if there’s a fault with the hardware of the machine itself. Companies like diamondappliancestl.com/ specializes in repairing all manner of home appliances, so it’s always best to have to have a backup plan in case anything goes south.

Digital personal assistants

Personal assistants for every home come in the concept of a droid with digital capabilities of searching the internet for extensive information. The Amazon Echo is a prime example as it acts like Siri or Google Now for your home. You can ask your digital assistant what the weather will be like on a given day; it can search through your digital diary to inform you of your set plans for the day, it can play any music requests, and set your alarm. All of these actions are performed hands-free and done with voice activation software. Searching of information is done via the internet or Bluetooth connection. As with any new technology, personal assistants have software that is able to be updated, so a purchase like this should be seen as an investment.

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