The Ultimate Guide to Making a Style Statement

Making a style statement is so much fun if you like to be experimental with your fashion sense. Following the crowd is never any fun. You were put here to be you and nobody else. And why not, when you’re obviously going to be the best at it? If you want to know how to make a style statement and feel confident about it, use this guide!

Try Unusual Things on When Shopping

One thing I’ve learned is that you can be very surprised at the things that suit you. Something that looks rubbish on the hanger can look amazing on. Something that looks weird and like you wouldn’t touch it in a million years can also look great. This usually means that if I see something unusual when I’m out shopping, I try it on. At the very least, I get a laugh out of it. Sometimes I find something awesome that I just love to wear again and again!

Wear Things That Show Off Your Personality

Another great way to make a style statement is wearing things I feel show off my personality. I like to wear slogan tops a lot of the time, and they help to grab attention. They look great with a pair of plain jeans, pinafore dresses, and even skirts too. If something calls out to you, it’s probably because it was made for you. Buy it!

Include Bright Colors and Patterns

Don’t be scared of bright colors and patterns. They look awesome, and many people will wish that they could rock them like you. You can start off small and then include more as you feel more confident. You don’t have to walk around looking like a cartoon character, but a bit of color never hurt anybody.


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Play With Different Accessories

Playing with your accessories is a must. You shouldn’t leave the house without accessorizing! You can make the same outfit look totally different with the help of your accessories. I like to wear sentimental pieces, as they mean a lot to me. I even know people who have jewelry from places that specialise in making diamonds from ashes. They look great, and they really mean something to the wearer!  

If You Like it, Wear it

If you like something, wear it. There are no rules. You’re always going to look best in something you love and feel confident in. If something really speaks to you, you’ll only regret it if you don’t wear it.

Practice Confidence

Everybody looks better when they feel confident. Confident is actually something that can be practiced, so don’t worry if you’re not a naturally confident person. Providing you look confident, you’ll always make a statement in what you’re wearing. The key is to fake feeling confident until you actually are confident. Who knew?

Ready to go out there and make the ultimate style statement? Use these tips and you’ll love the way you look. You’ll get a ton of compliments, so be prepared. Come back soon!

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