The Changing Face Of Cosmetic Surgery

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In the past, cosmetic surgery was only for the rich and famous. To find an individual that had ‘gone under the knife,’ you had to watch the news. In 2017, the face of cosmetic surgery has changed considerably. Nowadays, anyone’s next door neighbour could have had botox or breast enlargement surgery. The way people once viewed surgery seems to have changed, and this begs the question: why? Here are a few of the reasons for the increase.

More Surgeons

Twenty years ago, they were only a handful of people that could perform certain procedures. They lived in Los Angeles and were on the speed dial of the rich and famous. But, in 2017, that isn’t the case. A gastric bypass surgery doctors near me search shows that they are everywhere. In fact, some even advertise on the high street. There is no doubt that the increase in surgeons has led to an increase in the rise in surgeries. Why? It’s because the treatment is a lot more accessible than it was before. To a lot of people, that was the only stumbling block, and it no longer exists.

Quality Treatment

The obvious repost to more surgeons would be a decline in quality. Everyone knows that more quantity means lower quality, right? Wrong, at least it’s wrong regarding the cosmetics industry. Over time, the quality of the treatments has only increased. Whereas in the past you could spot a hair transplant a mile away (Donald), they are much harder to spot in the 21st century. The same goes for almost for everything from contouring to ass implants. Of course, some clinics are better than others, and there are still incompetent people out to make a quick buck. On the whole, however, they are a trustworthy bunch.


No one would ever be able to afford cosmetic surgery unless they had a fortune. The reason is that it was once a new and novel treatment. So, the wealthiest people used to fuel the stereotype while the average people watched with a mix of amazement and jealousy. Thanks to the rise in surgeons on the market, ordinary folks can get their hands on a bargain. There are plenty of clinics that are willing to cut the price by a huge margin to make ends meet. After all, they are in a competitive industry and need to make money. When it was a niche industry, the prices were extortionate. Now that it’s mainstream, the prices have steadily dropped.

Less Stigma

Regardless of the accessibility and the cost, there was always a stigma. So, even if you did have the money, you would think twice because of embarrassment. Indeed, people are about what strangers think about them, or they did before the turn of the century. Since the mid-2000s, the way that people think has changed. Fewer people care about what others have to say, so they make decisions they normally wouldn’t. Cosmetic surgery is the prime example as people would always judge.

Well, they still do, but no one seems to care anymore.

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