Essentials For Your Spring Wardrobe

The stresses of Christmas and new year’s are over, and now spring is just around the corner! Pretty soon all those heavy clouds and dead plants are going to be swept away for brighter, happier days. Seen as we’re so close, it’s time to get a fitting wardrobe ready. Here are a few trends which you might want to take advantage of. Enjoy!


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If there’s one consistent spring trend, then it’s floral patterns. Every year styles come and go, but flower-orientated patterns will never disappear. The best patterns just sum up all the beauty and freshness of the season. A breezy dress is great for those first hot days, but you won’t be using it a lot until summer rolls around! In the meantime, a top, skirt or even patchwork jeans will make a great addition.

The snow may have melted, but there are still going to be a few chilly days to get through. To keep yourself warm, I recommend an oversized cable knit sweater. These are understated and yet stylish, and the looseness makes it very comfortable. When you’re shopping around for these, I’d go for subtle, natural colours. Dark green, creams and browns will all go well with a spring wardrobe.

Another thing you might want to keep you warm is a duster jacket, or some variant of it. These come in incredibly lightweight designs, which makes it great for throwing over the rest of your garb. Just remember to lose the chunky sweater! Although perfect for casual social occasions, a duster will also give you an added touch of professionalism when you wear it into the office. It can be easy to get stuck in the old short jacket and dress combination. This is an easy way to totally revolutionize your look.

When spring rolls around, you should try to start embracing craftwork as well. This is another fashion which never really goes out of style. When you start seeing lace and crochet on dress hems and blouses, you know that spring’s really come around! One major downside to this kind of craftwork is that it’s pretty easy to over-do. If you throw in a subtle bit of it here and there, it can be the perfect finishing touch. However, too much of it can make an outfit come off as tacky or verbose.

Just like any wardrobe, your spring attire needs to have some accessories. Spring is the time when you should be letting loose and feeling more free, so reflect that. Shoulder dusters are expected to be a big trend in 2016. Although they can be fairly extravagant, you should be going with understated hues to fit the season as best as possible. Choose gold and brass coloured pieces rather than silvers. Spring’s also a time when you can finally bare your feet again. As the weather warms up, you’ll start seeing more and more sandals in the shops, so get your fill! Gladiator style sandals might be better suited for the summer, but you can still rock them pretty easily with a spring outfit.

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