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I know I haven’t written much about celebs in the past, so bare with me. You see, I’m not the type of girl that gushes over the gossip magazines. Although I am quite interested in whether Taylor and Tom are legit…I digress. The fact is that celebrities decide style. You may think it’s fashion designers who decide what is stylish and what isn’t. Or perhaps, that it’s society, but that’s just not true. It always starts with one of the most famous celebs waking up and deciding to do something. Then everyone else follows suit. If you’ve seen Mean Girls, you can think of this like the scene where they cut two holes in her top. She walks around wearing the top and suddenly everyone is doing the same. That’s basically how fashion develops except on a much larger scale. That’s why it’s interesting to look at the latest celeb fashion trends. You can bet they are going to have a huge impact on fashion as a whole.


I picked this one up from the daily mail. Apparently fringes are back in style this year, and that’s thanks to the celebrities. Now, normally I wouldn’t go anywhere near the Daily Mail, but they spoke to Charlize Theron’s stylist who gave them this tip. Now come on, who doesn’t like Charlize Theron? The woman is essentially a goddess. If you’re looking to get the perfect fringe, have your stylist sweep it to the side. This is the style the celebs are currently choosing.


Did You Watch the Hamilton Sh-I mean the Tony Awards last weekend? Wasn’t James Corden spectacular? To tell you the truth, I was more shocked at how many people I caught smoking. Looking closer I realized that they weren’t smoking, they were vaping. Vaping is the process of heating a substance and breathing it in. It’s quite similar to smoking but apparently a lot more popular. I spotted a number of celebs vaping, particularly when they thought they weren’t on cam. I’m guessing a lot of them were using a vape mod because the Tonys Ran over three hours this year!


I’ve noticed quite a few starring ladies are rocking a retro look as they walk around town lately. Both Chloe Moretz and Bella Thorne have been seen wearing biker jackets. While Taylor Swift has that black lipstick rockers used to wear in the eighties. Meanwhile, some models have been snapped wearing old rock concert tees. Needless to say, I think retro rocker rebel – if that’s not a style it should be – is back in fashion.


Last but not least, clashing is currently in style, as seen by numerous shots of celebs. In particular, it’s all about clashing patterns and prints with your clothing. Look out for

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dresses, skirts and even shoes that have this effect. You might find that you end up wearing the same outfit as one of the stars.

Are you interested in following these fashion trends? Or, will you wait to see how things change in 2017?

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