Don’t Worry, New Cyclists, It Gets Easier

Cycling is strenuous when you start taking it seriously. It should be. It helps with mobility, it strengthens a lot of different muscle groups, and it is one of the best calorie-burning exercises you can find. But it’s also one of the easiest exercises to get into. You can keep it from getting too difficult, however, by learning a few tricks to help you cycle better.


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Mind your posture

Some of the most common problems when it comes to cycling aren’t really about the exercise itself. Rather, it’s about how you sit on the bike as you ride it. Some aches, like the occasional raw rear, are unavoidable. If your joints ache and stiffen up too much, however, you should learn the correct posture. It’s not just about maintaining it unendingly either. Shift yourself on your seat and shift your grip on the bars occasionally. Remaining too rigid isn’t good for you.


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Know your pace

Cycling is a rush. The endorphins that come thanks to the experience can get you pushing harder and harder. Then they wear off and you find yourself suddenly coping with all kinds of pain. Those pushes are a necessary part of getting the best results from your exercise. Overdoing it, however, will only do you more harm than good. Set yourself cycling intervals to make sure you’re getting an even mix of high-intensity exercise, more casual paces, warm-ups, and warm-downs.


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Set your difficulty

The terrain is also going to play a big part in how difficult a ride is. It doesn’t have to dictate your pace for you, however. An electric bike, for example, can help you get more movement from the bike with different exertions of force. If you feel like steep terrain is simply pushing you harder than you should go, then different options settings can help you correct it.


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Get yourself motivated

Motivation can be one of those forces that simply makes exercise a lot easier. Getting on the bike is one thing, but sticking to it during a ride is another. There are a few different ways to make it easier to get motivated. You can use an activity tracker to see how well you’re doing on individual journeys. You can plug in some music that helps your body keep up a pace (with attachable speakers, not earphones that can make cycling dangerous). You might even consider cycling with a friend.


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Get better

Cycling gets easier if you do it right. But doing it right means finding your limits and carefully extending them. Activity trackers can make it easier to see your progress. But they also help you set goals, like riding a hundred miles in a session. Those goals, once you reach them, will make your past difficulties a total walk in the park.

You shouldn’t fear or try to put off increasing the demands cycling puts on you. However, managing your approach and avoiding overtraining is just as important as getting your exercise. Keep the tips above in mind and don’t punish yourself too hard out there.

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