3 Items Every Woman Needs In Her Gym Bag

When you’ve made the effort to go to the gym, the last thing you want is to discover that you’ve forgotten something important. Whatever it is, it can stop your gym workout from being as effective, lower your enthusiasm and make you feel self-conscious. This is something that every woman has experienced at one time or another. Having a pre-packed gym bag is the best way to prevent this from happening again, while also saving time. Every woman requires different essentials for the gym, but here are some universal items every gym bag should include.



A spare tank top

Having a spare tank top or t-shirt in your gym bag is an excellent idea. If you’ve had an intense workout, you can change into your spare top afterward for extra comfort and freshness. This will be handy for when you drive home or if you’re meeting friends afterward. It’s also a great way of layering should the weather take a turn for the worst outside. You can find fantastic tank tops, t-shirts, and crop tops at Lorna Jane, Nike, and ASOS, which would make great additions to your gym bag.


Deodorant is another item that every woman can benefit from having in her gym bag. A good quality deodorant can help you stay fresh and reduce the amount of sweat you produce. It can also make you smell amazing. This is particularly important if you’re going straight to work or meeting up with friends after the gym. Head to your local drugstore and look for deodorants designed for an active lifestyle. You might also want to consider looking for handbag sized options depending on the size of your gym bag.



A water bottle

While most gyms supply bottles of water, they can often be overpriced. By bringing an empty

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water bottle you are saving yourself money and being more environmentally friendly. Plus there are plenty of fun and colorful plastic water bottle designs to choose from. Look for a design that is lightweight, easy to wash and with a good grip. You might also want to consider bottles with filters and ice packs for further refreshment. Fill it up with water before and after your workout to keep you hydrated. This will help you stay focused and enhance your performance.

A Towel

Towels are another thing that many gyms rent out and provide to their customers. But if you’re unsure about whether they have been washed or not, it might be best to pack your own. Having a large towel is useful for when you take a shower after your workout. But smaller towels can also be used to remove sweat from your hands and face during too. Look for microfiber towels in bright colors that dry quickly and can be easily stored in your bag.

Invest in these items and pack your gym bag the night before to stop your forgetting your important gym essential in future. That way you can improve your performance and feel more comfortable at the gym.

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