Off Roading Q&A


Do you ever find yourself bored of the road? After all, you’re following a route that someone else has mapped out. There’s very little choice when it comes to the roads we drive. We can pick the road, but we can’t pick where it goes – and who knows what we’re missing out on in between?

If you’re tired of being constrained to the tarmac, then maybe it’s time to consider leaving the road behind. Off roading is a popular pursuit that can give you back that sense of freedom.

What Is Off Roading?

Exactly as it sounds – driving where there isn’t a road. You can just head for the hills and see where it takes you, but it’s always best to obtain permission from the landowner if you intend to drive on their land. There’s plenty of discussion groups or articles for off road enthusiasts, where they share tips on where you can drive.

Do I Need A 4×4?

There’s no doubt that driving off road is easier if you have four-wheel drive. This is especially true if you’re going to be traveling across slopes or anywhere packed with dense mud.

However, that doesn’t make four-wheel drive an essential – it will make life easier, but you might be able to make do with your existing car. If you’re thinking of turning the off road pursuit into a serious hobby, then a few modifications like mud guards or Tjm bull bars if you’re going to be tackling dense undergrowth might help – but they’re optional. The freedom of off roading is that you can do as you please, and that means you can make it as easy on yourself as you want – or set a challenge!

Is It Legal?

Yes, provided you have the landowner’s permission. There’s no law that says you can only drive your car on the road. It’s also fine for younger drivers, though you might want to take a more experienced adult along, just in case.

Why Is It Enjoyable?

No constraints, for one thing – you can go where you please and see things you might otherwise be forced to miss out on. Secondly, it’s a truer driving experience than you get on the roads. You really have to work with the car to get it where you want it to go, and it will increase your understanding of the engine and what your car needs from you as a driver.

What Should I Take To Go Off Roading?

The best answer here is “as little as possible” – the lighter your vehicle is, the better your experience is going to be. This is especially true if you’re going to be encountering a lot of mud or dust, which you’re going to have to battle to keep your car from sinking into. So don’t take anything (or anyone for that matter!) that you can do without – it’s just extra weight.

Basic First Aid equipment is useful, but then again this is true of any journey. It’s also worth taking a few tools to help you if you do get stuck – a shovel is useful. Also bear in mind you might get muddy or dusty if you get out to free yourself, so make sure you’ve got a protective mat down on the floor of the car.

So, do you think you’d be tempted to give it a try?

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