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When deciding to buy a new car, it’s usually down to two things; do you want it to be fast, or do you want it to be functional? When we think of fast we think of supercars, and when we think of functionality we think of the common cars you see on the road. Most people think that there aren’t any cars that fit inbetween this, but there are! A lot of cars actually do bridge the gap between being fast and being functional, so keep reading if you want to find out!


Sedans are a common car that you’ll see on the road, one of the most common in America. They are big, have 5 doors and 4 seats, reasonable storage space and fuel economy and normally people think that is where they end. But it does not just end there! Cars like the Subaru WRX fit the bill for something that is quick but can be used with the family as well. How are these cars fast? Well, they often feature boxer engines which are the flat format for rally car engines, so automatically you are in good hands! They tend to be in sizes of 2 litres and up too, meaning that you do get quite a lot of horsepower for your engine. The sedan format of the car makes this even faster too, as the frame is quite light compared to other classifications of cars. None of this sacrifices any of the size inside the car, which means that it’s functionality is retained because they are just normals sedans, but faster. If you’re willing to splash out a bit of extra cash you can get a turbocharged engine for most sports sedans which will boost the horsepower of an engine even more by giving the engine more air, perfect for using it for track days and taking the kids around!


These are quite uncommon in America and more common in Europe, however they should still not be ignored! Hatchbacks are the jack of all trades in the car world. They are small, efficient, and easy to drive. They can be quicker than a lot of bigger cars too, but they don’t really excel in any area, they just do everything to a nominal standard. They tend to be quite cheap too, but all of this begins to change when you start looking at cars like the Subaru Impreza. Cars like this often come with a respectable horsepower at around 150, which most people might scoff at but remember; these cars are smaller than sedans which means that they can really make use of the horsepower that they’ve got! With the car being less weighty, these agile machines can really surprise you with how fast they can get! But they still keep their functionality. Some of the more power models do have larger engine bays which make your car bigger and heavier, but in the majority of cases they retain the weight and fuel efficiency and of course size, so just like with the sedans nothing changes but the speed!


Like the sedan, SUVs are a common sight on the roads. Big cars that have high wheel profiles and high driving positions are quite popular nowadays as it lets you see the road easier, meaning that driving the car is actually very enjoyable. SUVs are not, and have never been, sold as fast cars. They often have the same amount of horsepower that a hatch back does, but with around half of the weight added on again! This weight comes from the elevated position of the car and it’s overall larger shape, so they are quite slow. But they are still very functional, being easy to drive and having lots of interior space means that they arguably have the best functionality for their speed out of any of the car types mentioned here. However, they don’t have to be slow. Severn Valley Motorsport sells one of the fastest cars on the planet, and it’s an SUV! This is an extreme example, but it does go to show that these things can be monstrously fast. The Qashqai R as it has been so named has a ridiculous 1,100 horsepower, enough to blow any supercar out of the window. Still think SUVs are slow? It does 0-60 in 2.7 seconds which is very impressive for a car of that size and weight. This car is incredibly expensive as the price is only given upon request as they must be specially made, but it does go to show that SUVs are not to be discounted if you want speed and function as they still retain all of their space and size!


Similar to sedans but just bigger, these are another common form of car you see on the roads. They have the same format as a sedan does, but a larger rear storage space. Obviously this adds weight onto the car which you would think would make cars like the Mercedes C-Class slow and sluggish, but with the sports models it doesn’t! The sports versions of these cars often come with a base of 350 horsepower which is a huge amount for an estate frame! The speed doesn’t compromise the car in any way but the fuel efficiency, the only inherent problem with making estates faster is that they use more fuel so do keep this in mind before you buy one of these cars! Apart from that though, the car stays relatively the same.

So there you have it, any of these 4 car types will fit the bill between it being able to carry around your family, do the shopping and take everyone out on a trip and being quick off the line! We all want something as fast as hell, but we can’t always have it because we have a family that has to be catered to first, but with any of these cars you can mix the two worlds together and have the best bits of both, giving you a fast yet functional car. If you’re looking to buy your first car then you’re going to want to avoid all of these as the insurance will be too expensive, so if you’re looking for some ideas then read this.

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