2015 Acura TLX-What more can you want?

The Acura TLX is a Model Figure of Cars

Generally speaking, you’re either good looking, or very athletic.  Yes, there are occasionally the pretty boys that can also score goals, but that’s when you start to piss off team managers with higher salary demands.  With that being said, cars generally follow the same concept.  In the case of the Acura TLX – it’s more about the looks than athleticism.  Though don’t get me wrong, the Acura TLX still drives well, but not at the level of fine-grain precision of a sports sedan – save that for its Acura ILX counterpart.










Compared to the more affordable ILX, this one’s got the model figure looks.  It’s sculpture is much more sophisticated and chiseled to perfection. Its headlamps encompass beautiful cube-stacked Jewel Eye LED headlamps.  And its rear is a reminiscent of its prominent Acura TL but modernized with sharper tail lights.  The inside is equally comparable to its exterior; though I would’ve preferred perforated leather than its slightly lower-grade suede seats.  And in terms of tech; there’s a lot the TLX has to offer on both a safety and entertainment perspective.  And thanks to its longer wheel base, 3 passengers in the back can be fit in fairly comfortably.


Engine of choice is offered in two flavors: a 2.4L V4 producing a mere 206 horsepower or the more aggressive 3.5L V6 upping the output horsepower to 290. Both employing i-VTEC and direct fuel-injection technology.  And pricing ranges from $34,990 for the base V4 2WD model up to 47,490 for the highest V6 4WD trim.


Yes, the V6 obviously costs a lot more than its V4 with the lowest V6 4WD base numbers punching out to $39,990.  But what you get that’s missed in the V4 is a 9 speed automatic transmission where the V4 is instead, equipped with an 8-speed dual clutch transmission.  Given the two choices, it’s honestly a tough one to decide given the fact that we found the equivalent dual clutch transmission found in the ILX to be jerky and violent upon shifts.  The automatic transmission is much more chilled out without delivering that aggressive shift.  And at 9-speeds with limited horsepower, you may find yourself gear hunting quite frequently.


Why Acura decided to integrate 4WD is beyond me, and true to its capability, it’s simply not up to par to a more modern, sophisticated and overall; better AWD system.  With our tested V6 Elite 4WD, frictional deficiencies were felt on acceleration, and gear melody heard in the cabin space was simply not of something pleasing to the ear.  But nevertheless, the V6 power produced expected performance with no hesitation off the strait line.  On a better note, the highest of all trim does come with an exclusive AWD system dubbed, SH-AWD (Super Handling).


It’s almost an incentive to opt for the 2WD system whose models all come with Acura’s precision all-wheel steer capable of dynamically controlling the left and right wheel toe angle independently for enhanced precision control.  A definite keen interest baked onto the TLX as Acura claims the system was designed from ground level up during the raw engineering stages of the chassis wire-frame design.

Handling is not quite on par with the ILX especially given its heftier price tag.  But quality of ride is much more modest and subtle for everyday driving with still a grade higher than expected cornering capability of the 4WD system.  It would be an interesting note to see how well the P-AWS system works with its 2WD revision though.




  • Vehicle : 2015 Acura TLX
  • Model : Aucra TLX V6 Elite 4WD
  • Price as Tested : $47,490
  • Vehicle Type : 5 Passenger Sedan
  • Seating Capacity : 2+3
  • Powertrain Configuration : 4WD
  • Engine : 3.5L V6 16-valve DOHC i-VTEC®
  • Transmission : 9-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Fuel Economy: 9.3/6.6/8.11 L/100km city/hwy/combined.




  • Awe-inspiring looks
  • Luxurious cabin space
  • Acura handling and reliability




  • 4WD platform used instead of more preferred AWD
  • Priced in at 47,490 for the highest trim leaves a lot of more viable options in the luxury space including BMW 3 series, and Lexus IS.


Written by Rae Borci


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