Simple But Romantic Ways To Propose

So you’ve decided to propose to the love of your life- Congratulations. But the pressure is now on to decide how and when you are going to pop the question. This is an event that you and your partner will reminisce about and share the story of for the rest of your lives. So it needs to be perfect. While you might be tempted to go over the top with your proposal, the most simple ideas are often the best. Plus they tend to be easier to keep under wraps. So why not try one of these simple but incredibly romantic proposal ideas.



Star-gazing proposal

Stars-gazing might not be something you’ve tried before, but it provides the perfect setting for a romantic proposal. Check the weather forecast and choose a night when the stars will be at their most visible. Pack a picnic, some blankets, and binoculars and head to a nearby park or hill. Remember to make it seem like any other date night. Give your partner the binoculars and ask her to tell you what she sees. While she is looking through them, hold the ring in front of the binoculars lenses. Not only will she see the incredible starry sky, but she will also catch a glimpse of her new engagement ring. Look for a Steiner binoculars review online to make sure you buy the best pair possible for your proposal beneath the stars.

Flower power proposal

Flowers have and always will be one of the most romantic things you can give to your partner. So why not include them in your proposal. Casually ask your partner what their favourite flower is and make note of what it is. Then find a local florist who you can help you create multiple bouquets of this flower. Choose a day when you are both off work and encourage her to have a relaxing morning in bed. While she’s snoozing, you can have the bouquets delivered and position them outside of her bedroom window or the bottom of the stairs. You can then ask her to meet you downstairs or outside. Then you can pop the question surrounding by an incredible floral display. Use floristry apps or websites to find a reputable delivery service to help you pull this off.



Photoshoot proposal

Tell your partner you entered a competition, and you’ve won a couple’s photo shoot. You can both get dressed up in your fanciest clothes and go to a local

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photographic studio. Remember to inform the photographer about your plan beforehand. Ask the photographer to say that something is missing half way through your photoshoot. This is the moment when you should present the engagement ring and ask her to marry you. Your partner will be taken completely by surprise, and the photographer can capture the moment as it happens. This will make a beautiful keepsake you can both treasure. Look on photography blogs and websites to source an experienced photographer whose style you like.

It will be hard for your partner to say no when your proposal is so heartfelt and romantic. This is an exciting new stage in your lives so make sure you enjoy every second of this moment. Then you can start planning the wedding you’ve both always dreamed of.

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