Living the Celebrity Lifestyle… on a Budget

Being a celebrity is a dream for many. The lights. The fame. The applause. For some, that’s all they want in life. Unfortunately, however, for a lot of people that dream this it sadly remains a dream. But just because it remains a dream for you, and you don’t earn fully-fledged celebrity status in your life, it doesn’t mean you can’t live the celebrity lifestyle. Below are a few ways you can do so, even when you are not working with a celebrity’s budget.


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You can live the life of a celebrity without spending like a celebrity, you know. You just have to know what to, and what not to spend your money on. You need to be able to refrain from indulging yourself too heavily. And you need to be a smart shopper. And being a smart shopper in this sense means looking for designer brands, for half the price. Looking in brick and mortar stores, such as TK Maxx, should be your first port of call in this venture. They will often house, and sometimes hide, designer clothes in their racks. You just have to have the patience to be able to look through them all! And you also have to have a level of restraint that stops you from buying everything that takes your fancy.

And you also need to refrain from having cosmetic surgery, no matter how much you think you may need it. By doing so you will blow an extensive amount of your budget. Instead, you should just stick to the face creams and anti-ageing ointments that you use daily. And neither do you have to have cosmetic dentistry work done either. You don’t need veneers or a mouth makeover in order to make your teeth sparkle to the celebrity standard. Although it would be nice to sit in the dentist’s chair of a leader in the field — such as celebrity dentist Dr. Yassmin — you really don’t have to. You can whiten and brighten your teeth yourself, and there are plenty of natural remedies out there that will help you do so. One such remedy is the paste that forms when equal parts hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are mixed. When the combination induced by the mixture is applied to the teeth there really is little better, and little cheaper, at taking the plaque off of them. But before you apply this combination to your teeth, or in fact let it anywhere near your mouth, you need to be aware of a few precautions. One is that it should not be in your mouth for longer than 30 seconds. Another is that you should ensure that the mixture is definitely equal; too much baking soda could result in the enamel of your teeth being pulled from it. And you must most certainly be sure to rinse your mouth fully afterwards.

So, no matter who you are. No matter where you’re from. And no matter what your budget is. If you really, really want to live the celebrity lifestyle then there is nothing stopping you!

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